How to Get Refund for Purchased App from App Store?

Practically… Apple store is one of the finest conservative place for buying the applications. Those applications have the ability as well as capacity, to make your life astonishing. But sometimes, you may not satisfied with the application, even after paying for it. You will imagine that the money is gone and now, zilch can happen? But, you are mistaken!!! Even after paying for the applicat » Read More

How To Sell Your Current iPad In Time For The iPad 3

image credit: tidbits.comApple is expected to announced the iPad 3 to the world in less than two weeks. If you’ve been thinking about selling your current iPad in time to upgrade, the clock is ticking. Now is the best time to trade in your current Apple tablet for a shiny new one next month.Popular online reCommerce service Gazelle affirms that “the best time to trade is now.” G » Read More

How To Install Classic iOS ’86 Theme On Your iPhone & iPod Touch [Tutorial]

A Macintosh Plus inspired retro-concept winter board theme for iPhone and iPod touch called iOS ’86 is now available for download through Cydia (via FSM). The theme comes complete ...How To Install Classic iOS ’86 Theme On Your iPhone & iPod Touch [Tutorial] is a post from: iPhone in Canada Blog - Canada's #1 iPhone Resource » Read More

Welcome Back Geohot to Jailbreak iOS Devices

Welcome back Geohot, here is the one of the best news in our jailbreak history you are going to hear it, few monthes age the greatest hacker George Hotz worked at Facebook, today Geohot is leaving Facebook and Now a Full-Time Hacker.Ok guys for those who don't know George Hotz:he is the first guy who make a jailbreak for the iPhone and PlayStation too, he made two popular jailbreak tools which ar » Read More

Be A Smart Buyer While Collecting Genuine Fine Art Prints

A collection or even a single piece of limited edition print of fine art is very precious for its owner and what makes it precious is its rarity and originality. But how do you make sure that the print you are buying is genuine and truly belongs to a limited edition? What if the publisher sells you the print at the cost of limited edition and also publishes it in an open edition run. Then your ra » Read More

News: New Version Of Free Qualcomm iOS Augmented Reality SDK Released With Significant Updates

Augmented reality is a topic that I’ve mentioned in a few times.  In the past I have mentioned some excellent resources such as a  tutorial on creating an augmented reality shooter game, a library that allows you to automatically take a MKMapView and turn it into an augmented reality map and the previous version of the Qualcomm AR SDK which was known as QCAR.The SDK has been updated and ren » Read More

New Improved A5 Chip And Brand New A6 One On The Way

According to rumors Apple is reportedly working on an improved A5 chip as well as a brand new A6 offering. This comes as part of the speculation on what the reported Apple media event due to take place in early March will bring. This media event will let everyone know what the new iPad 3 is gong to hold and many think that Apple could be planning more. A large number of the rumors around t » Read More

Locus Pro 2.0.1 [v2.0.1] APK Download & Addons

Locus Pro 2.0.1 APK Locus Pro 2.0.1 is the navigation software for the tourist with multi function. This application is very useful for different sort of tourist , irreplaceable application for the Hikers , Geocaching and also for the everyday life. Locus Pro 2.0.1 Features: Maps available online Offline Maps are also available Navigation with [...] » Read More