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150 to 200 square feet space
The shop should be located in a crowded place, near the railway station, the bus stand, government offices or in the market.
Setup of entire shop will cost from 7.50 lakhs (including interior and furniture.
Compulsory appointment of 3 workers
Food and Shop License is required.
GST number is required to start a shop.
It will be mandatory to buy tea powder, spices, sugar from us.
Royalty Free Facility
The journey of Haribhau Kulkarni is astonishing. Haribhau has always excelled in all aspects of planning, management and marketing. Along with Sangli, he has successfully demonstrated his 'Harman Chahwala', as a new era of corporate test in Mumbai and Pune, Maharashtra and beyond.
Why 'Harman Tea' for enterprising people looking for a new business? The answer is the uplifting, strong and refreshing taste of Harman tea, which gives the same pleasure after consumption over and over again to its customers.
Harman Chahwala's clean, comfortable, attractive and elegant, corporate 'Tea Shops' with a
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It is a Journey… Journey of unending adversity… Journey of unending series of problems… journey of endless rejections. But also a journey of a visionary… Journey of a carver… who carved his life by his ploughmanship. This is a journey of ‘Hari’ alias ‘Haribhau Kulkarni’.
‘Hari’ lost his father at the age of seven… and also lost habitation. He along with his mother and brother lived under the tree on the banks of river Krishna for many years. Mother used to work in the neighbourhood to bring up her children.

This adverse situation was the true school and guru for ‘Hari’. He learned , never to
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The company offers a complete range of insulation products and accessories. Along with this, the state of art facility used here helps to leverage our products and services toward perfection by offering premium quality. Our products include closed cell elastomeric Nitrile and EPDM rubber sheets and tubes. These are available in various length, thickness, and dimensions. We offer special products like Accosound, Accofoam, Antimicrobial, High Strength, High Temperature sheets and Self sealing Pre-slit tubes that are available for customized applications. There are accessories which include Flexible
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ALP Aeroflex offers a diverse range of EPDM & NBR Thermal insulation sheets and tubes for insulation requirements across industries. The Closed Cell Insulation Foam Sheets & Tubes are available with and without Lamination. With a variety of different features, our range of Thermal insulation has low Thermal Conductivity and high Water Vapor diffusion Resistance.
ALP Aeroflex’s Open Cell NBR Acoustic solutions are perfect for effective absorption and barrier for sound across a broad range of frequencies. Our product offering is EPA Approved for being Anti-Microbial and complies with Fire Safety Class 1 & O. The light weight material offers Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal properties.
Accofoam is a thermo-acoustic convoluted elastomeric Nitrile/EPDM rubber foam material scientifically developed to provide superior sound absorption in the low and mid frequency range. The convoluted shape increases the absortive surface area than a flat surface and it entraps and defects sound waves efficiently.
No products in the cart.At the core of Farmers & Sons is our commitment towards nutritious living and contribution towards building a healthy society. We work together with several like-minded farmers in growing genuine farm produce.
All our products are authentic and support good health, these products are grown and delivered to you with loving care.
By choosing our products you are motivating the much-needed health culture, and your purchase will encourage thousands of farmers like us who support the cause of healthy product for healthy living.


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