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'Reed' Review - A Bite-Sized Platformer with Lovely Pixel Graphics

If you are an avid gamer on mobile and follow the scene, you may know that retro-style pixel art has been the rave the last couple of years. Many great games offer graphics from a bygone era, but redone with a magic digital touch to bring these aesthetics to modern play controls and structures in gaming. Crescent Moon Games' Reed [$1.99] is a game that fits this mold. It is a platformer that will » Read More

Pros of digital pens and data capture service

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'Astra' Review - Per Aspera ad Astra

How difficult do you like your games? Do you like them punishingly difficult, to where you will have to play a level dozens of times in order to beat it? Congratulations, Astra [$2.99], a level-based orbital platformer, is for you. It's fun to play and features some of my favorte mechanics in orbital platformers. Here, you run around a planet and jump to other planets to make it through the level » Read More

Recollect For iPhone

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'Shooty Skies' Review - A Frantic Shoot 'Em Up with a 'Crossy Road' Coat of Paint

Shooty Skies [Free] is a chaotic, endless arcade shooter by some of the same people who created Crossy Road [Free]. This follow-up to the viral hit uses the same quirky and cute style, featuring a variety of blocky animals and anthropomorphized electronics, but amps up the action one hundred fold. This arcade flyer puts the player behind the wheel of an aircraft loaded with pixel-shooting guns an » Read More

What’s Inside a Smart TV That Makes it So Smart?

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'Minecraft - Pocket Edition Version 0.12' Review - You've Come A Long Way, Stevie

In the world of gaming, four years is a long time. In the specific corner of the hobby that is mobile gaming, four years might as well be twenty. It's long enough to turn the greatest of apps into digital dust, to add 1200 levels to Candy Crush Saga [Free], to see a new iPhone model launch and be discontinued, and certainly long enough for a diligent developer to turn around a disappointing launc » Read More

The best iPhone 6 deals in September 2015

The UK's best iPhone 6 deal:

Free 16GB phone | 1000 mins | Unlimited texts | 2GB data | £34.99pm
This is a great value deal on the 16GB iPhone 6. You can get it in gold, space grey or silver and it offers unlimited texts, 1000 mins - that's nearly 17 hours call time - and 2GB data per month. The £35 per month is more than fair, making total cost over 24 months £839.76

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