There's more to Chrome than enterprise and education.

Google's other platform is just as exciting as Android, and these days the two are closer together than ever. Here's what's new in Chrome and Chromebooks at Google I/O 2018.

What did Google announce about Chrome OS at I/O 2018?

Google I/O 2018 didn't have much news surrounding Chrome. Whether our expectations were too high or if the platform just didn't need much attention right now is best left for another article. But what they did announce is huge — Chrome OS will be able to securely run native Linux apps.

When the announcement is running high-performance Linux programs on Chrome, you don't mind it being the only big one.

A short mention in the "What's New in Android Development Tools" session is where we get most of the official information. Android Studio 3.2 Beta for Linux will be able to run on the Pixelbook because the beta channel of its software supports running Linux apps securely. Not a lot there to ...