With iChat on Mac OS X, you can connect with all your different instant messaging accounts into one, like AIM, Yahoo, MSN, etc. Today, Developer John Heaton has discovered some code strings in iOS 5 that indicate iChat functionality could be coming to iOS. The code specifically mentions services such as AIM and Jabber, and those aren’t included in any other part of the standard iOS. Apple is clearly testing the new IM services for iOS to enhance iMessage to work for more than just iOS devices.
The code also specifically mentions FaceTime, so that will hopefully be rolled into one app. It would be great to see an app like iChat offer support for IM, Facetime, and iMessage that is on both iOS and Macs. There have been reports in the past about iMessage coming to the Mac, and hopefully the two operating systems link up more to each other, and the wide range of quick communications out there.
For the time being, this is just code dug up in iOS 5, and we will need to wait to see if this ever sees the light of day.