Here's what you may have missed on Steel Media's other sites this week - May 11th

It's the weekend, baby. You know what that means. Time to round up some of the best articles from our sister sites into one lovely page for everyone to read.

Yes, our family of sites, including 148Apps, AppSpy and the video arm of AppSpy have been equally busy this week creating brilliant things to view with your eyes, and we're going to celebrate them just like we always do before we clock off for a well-earned weekend rest.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy your journey through the rest of our websites and the wonderful articles that they've put up this week. Then get yourself a drink. You've earned it, buddy.


We gave Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery a pretty good kicking when it launched, and we weren't the only ones – critics from websites that don't usually look at mobile jumped in to lament its awful free-to-play monetisation.

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