Whoever says you can’t use an iPad as a musical instrument has never heard of the iRing by IK Multimedia. This interesting and unique set of touch less controllers makes it possible for you to mix loops, trigger beats, and set parameters using the special iRing Music Maker app.

The iRing system consists of two pedestal-like objects that fit between two of your fingers. One side has three linear dots and the other has three dots aligned like a triangle. Each side has a different pattern that the iRing Music Maker recognizes. Waving your hand in different directions produces different control results. It’s quite fascinating.

You’ll need the iRing Music Maker or iRing FX/Controller app in order to use the iRing itself. Once you’ve downloaded the free apps, open them up, register your iRing, and start making music.


The triangular ring should be worn on your left hand and the linear one on your right. The left side controls the parts, while the right side controls the patterns. You can make things easier on yourself at first by activating the front facing camera. This will help you pay attention to where your hands are and where they should be.

Use the triangle pattern ring to speed up or slow down the beat by moving your hand closer to and further from the iPad camera. You can also switch the “groove” to a bass line by tapping the Bass button. The iRing lets you control what type of bass line you will use. You can randomize the loops by rotating your hand 90 degrees.


The linear side of the iRing controls the patters and effects. Move your hand closer and further from the screen to switch between them.

It takes some time to get used to the motion when using the iRing system with the Music Maker app. The patterns are controlled by how close or far you are from the screen. When you are furthest from the screen, the iRing will trigger the bottom parts and patterns. When you are closest to the screen, the iRing will trigger the top ones.

In addition to the various parts and patterns that come free with the iRing Music Maker, you can add a variety of deejay loops through an in-app purchase. You can also export your sound through Audiobus and Apple’s Inter-App Audio.


The iRing is also compatible with the FX/Controller app. This companion app allows you to connect to your MIDI instrument and controls sounds using the iRing system.

Overall, the iRing is a fun way to play around with music. The free version of the Music Maker app is limited, but the in-app purchase can cure that limitation. The iRing system is inexpensive and a good buy if you are looking for something fun to play around with. Thanks to its interconnectivity with both Audiobus and Apple’s Inter-App Audio, you can perform a whole lot of tricks and make some pretty interesting music without having to touch the screen.

The Ring system is available for $24.99. Visit the IK Multimedia website today to order yours today.