ChromeCast | Convert Any Android Device into a Google ChromeCast Dongle Using Free CheapCast App Google ChromeCast has been gaining a lot popularity lately as a quick solution for the users on the mobile devices to push video content that they are watching on their mobile devices to the big screen. It is something very similar which have been available for quite some time for the Apple ecosystem in the form of AirPlay technology which requires buying the Apple TV. Similarly wireless streaming using the Google solution also requires a hardware dongle called ChromeCast which connects directly to your big screen TV for example via HDMI. Although ChromeCast dongle is much cheaper as compared to the Apple TV ($35 in US) that is actually one of the main reasons for its huge popularity. However, if you don’t want to pay this small sum and maybe prefer to spend on some more worthwhile things then luckily there is a free option that has emerged to gain the similar functionality without spending any money in the form CheapCast app.

unnamed2 | Convert Any Android Device into a Google ChromeCast Dongle Using Free CheapCast App

CheapCast is new app which is available on the Google Play store for free and allows to transform any of you spare old Android device that is lying around in to a useful ChromeCast dongle. For example, maybe you can transform your old Samsung Galaxy S2 in to ChromeCast dongle! For now, the app supports the YouTube streaming, Google Music but is bit rough around the edges as expected by its beta nature but it works and is under heavy development these days. Also note that currently tab streaming from Google Chrome is not supported but hopefully arrive in a future more stable version.