A new iphone model release is always a big thing and we always look forward to seeing the improvements that have been made. Now that the iPhone 6s is finally here, we thought we would look at the camera and do a comparison between the iPhone 6s and all previous iPhone models.

Let’s face it, the camera is a big thing on your iPhone and over the years there have been some massive improvements. Initial test have shown that the new 12-megapixel camera that you get in the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus is really quite good when it comes to capturing whatever you are pointing it at. Initial tests are really good, but sometimes you really just need to spend time using it to see exactly what it can do. This is where the annual iPhone camera comparison comes into play.

Lisa Bettany is the co-founder of the company behind Camera+ and MagiCam and she has just carried out her annual camera comparison of the iPhone 6s and all previous iPhone models. The results are really quite remarkable and by taking one of each iPhone ever released she has creating some stunning comparison photos. Lisa has in fact put together a blog post showing just what each iPhone camera is capable of and has then compared them with each other. The result is that the new iPhones are the best yet when it comes to taking photos. You can view the images Lisa took by visiting iPhone 6s camera comparison.

The improved sensor, software updates, and the new A9 processor that is available with the iPhone 6s has made this the best camera yet. There is an apparent increase in the speed of the auto focus and improvements to color accuracy, details and sharpness and in low light too.

Apple iPhones have always been some of the best smartphones around especially when it comes to taking photos, replacing point-and-shoots for many and even DSLRs for some. The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus is capable of holding its own and does take some amazing shots which you will see over on Lisa’s blog post. If taking pictures is something that is important to you be sure to take a look at the photos before deciding whether or not the iPhone 6s is for you.