One of the things that I’m asked at tax time each year is how many miles did I drive for business? A few years ago it was a struggle for me to come up with that answer and I knew that I cheating myself because I just couldn’t remember all the trips. That all changed when I started using mileage tracking apps on my iPhone. I love Automilez because it was one of the first ones to take advantage of the GPS in your iPhone and not only provide you the distance in miles that you traveled, but it would even document the route.


This new 2.0 version is a complete rewrite taking advantage of the latest iOS and Android OS’s and devices. One of the problems with the old version is that once your iPhone would go to sleep your tracking may also stop. This version continues to track in the background and reminds you that it’s still running with occasional push notifications. I would however like an option to keep the display active (like GPS turn-by-turn apps do) when the App in in the foreground. The other cool part of this app is the cloud connected account. Your trip log is on your iPhone, but it’s also on your account on their website where you can get more detailed reporting.


Along with your miles you can also input other expenses such as tolls, parking, etc.

The Bottom Line

If you need to track your miles for any purpose, this is the App you want to try. This new rewrite is very welcomed. I would like to see a couple of features such as the ability to set a reminder when I leave home (geofence) to start logging and the ability to keep the display active while in the app, but otherwise it’s a winner!

You can get Automilez 2.0 here .

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