Actions: One Tap Automation

Every once in a while I’m fortunate enough to come across an app that has the potential to significantly improve the way I work. Such was the case when I stumbled upon Actions. I say “stumble” because in all honesty, I can’t recall how or where I discovered the app, but I’m thankful that I did.Since then I’ve been scheming different ways in which I can harness the power and versatilit » Read More

Fifth-Generation iPad Production To Begin In July-August?

Earlier rumours suggested that the fifth-generation iPad could launch as early as April, but a new report from DigiTimes is claiming that production of the next full-sized iPad will actually begin in July-August, citing the usual Taiwan-based supply chain makers as sources.Consistent with other rumours though, the report also says the new iPad will be lighter and thinner than the fourth-generatio » Read More

Epic’s Infinity Blade Dungeons for iOS Delayed Until 2013

Do you remember the awesome dungeon battle game from Epic that was first debuted at Apple’s March event to show off what newest iPad can do? That was Infinity Blade Dungeons, a game that Infinity Blade fans have been waiting patiently for all year.Unfortunately, it looks like we may not be seeing the coveted game until it’s time for Apple’s fourth generation iPad. Infinity Blade » Read More

Planner Pro Might Become Your New Organizer

I am surprised at how much I like BlueTags’ Planner Pro. The first time I opened it, I expected to despise it. It looked too messy. It didn’t look clean enough. I love Calendar’s simplicity, and this did not look like it would suit what I needed at all.But the more I used it, the more I saw it becoming an affordable and easy way for people who need an all-in-one app to manage th » Read More

In China, An iPad And Foxconn Contract Is Considered Art

There are a lot of things that qualify as art that perplexes my mind these days. Kazimir Malevich, Barnett Newman, and other artists come to mind. I can usually appreciate the paintings, but when it comes to showing off an iPad in a Chinese Museum, I’m just left confused.The Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing has begun displaying an iPad, as well as a white uniform, badges, and c » Read More

Opera Announces ‘Ice’ Browser for iOS

Opera Software is working on a new browser for iOS. Called “Ice,” the browser is designed to be used on phones and tablets. Instead of using its standard engine, Presto, Ice will be powered by WebKit, which is is what both Safari and Chrome use.Ice was first introduced back in December, but the video below demonstrating how it works surfaced just yesterday, from Pocket-lint. The video is from an » Read More

Apple Accused of Patent Infringement in China Over Siri

According to the Shanghai Daily, Apple lawyers will be heading to court once again, after being sued by a Chinese company that claims the Cupertino-based company copied parts of Siri’s speech recognition software.Shanghai-based company Zhi zhen Network Technology Co. says that Apple has infringed on a patent it owns related to voice recognition technology. Zhi Zhen claims that it patented its “Xi » Read More

Rumor of the Day: Imminent iPad Production Points to Fall Launch for 5th Gen

Rumors of the, yet to be announced, fifth-generation iPad are reaching a fevered pitch as more and more suppliers are claiming that production of a new model Apple tablet is about to get underway. A few weeks ago, we heard that Apple would be holding a special event on June 29 and just last week, Best Buy and Walmart drastically reduced the price of their iPad devices, making us think they may be » Read More