CamFast Cydia Tweak: Launch iPhone Camera With Activator Gestures

iOS 5 has a shortcut for launching the camera app straight from the lockscreen. Users are looking for shortcuts to launch the app quickly as the cameras on all the iDevices are extensively used as they have been extensively used! However, it can become irritating to find the camera app icon while using the camera so to offset this, one developer has released a tweak named as CamFast. It goes a st » Read More

App Review: Pomo Do Increases Your Productivity

Do you want to increase your productivity?There are numerous ways on how to hack your activities for the day. If you’re a writer like me, one of our greatest challenges is how to manage our time effectively. Whether you’re working at home, at the office, or outside, this app I recently discovered will help you get things done as quickly as possible.What the heck?Onev’s Den Pomod » Read More

Do It Mobile

There has never been a mobile phone that has captured the imagination of the public like the new Apple iPhone. This new device, with its unique user interface and beautiful design is certain to become the hottest mobile ever when it is released to the public.

The iPhone takes the idea of music in a mobile to a whole new level, boasting a much larger memory than rivals. » Read More

The HP Elitebook 2560p

The HP Elitebook 2560p is the only 12-inch ultraportable left that comes with a built-in optical drive and loads a powerful Core i5 processor.... » Read More

Apple iPad Is a Magnificent Xmas Gift

Even though you are searching for different devices and gadgets you can browse via iPads on the other hand, you can browse as a result of this hyperlink Apple iPads whilst you are looking for computing gadgets. And this is explanation why they make tremendous gift ideas. » Read More