Beeing Newton – iOS Review

IntroductionBeeing Newton is a new game from Conka Games Ltd available for the iPhone and iPad. It has unique game mechanics and physics. In it the bees have fallen sick, leaving just Newton to pollinate the flowers and bring home nectar to save his hive. What Does it Do?In Beeing Newton players must fly the bee in loops around flowers. It has fairly novel controls in which players tap, and hold, » Read More

Finest Laundry Flatwork Ironer

Superior bands manufacture some finest laundry flatwork ironer belt. These belts are used in industries drive machines. Superior bands made these belts with high kind of material. You can buy these belts from superior bands website. » Read More

Editorial: Finding The Best Apps For Your iPad, iPhone And iPod Touch

While the iOS App Store offers an amazingly comprehensive selection of almost three quarters of a million apps, the ever increasing selection can mean that it’s increasingly more difficult to separate the good ones from the crap.  However, there are a few methods that you can use to find the best apps for your device.  These methods will be familiar to most, but they are worth reiterating a » Read More

Foxconn Manifest Suggests Apple iPad 3 is Already Shipping

With the expected announcement of the Apple iPad 3 just over a week away, it may come as no surprise that evidence has surfaced that Foxconn is already shipping the finished product.Details of the iPad 3 shipping manifests were published on, with the orders originating from Chengdu, China, the location of Apple’s Foxconn manufacturing plant. The shipment, which left from Chengdu I » Read More

Siri can control your Entire Room: Curtains, Fans and Lights [Video]

Earlier today, we posted that you can send messages via Google Voice using Siri, Control and Launch different apps on your Mac Siri and Even can Control your car using Siri Proxy. Well, we have another amazing video for you. According to hacker:Using SiriProxy I am able to control any of the devices in my house. These are a couple things I can do in my room so far. More to come!In this video, the » Read More

1 2 3 Numbers for iPhone now Free (was $0.99)

Rating: / Artist: TapToLearn Software / Version: 1.0123 Numbersmore details » Read More

Natural skincare

Natural skincare IOS app launched to make all products in single app and also set payment gateway to buy through app..! » Read More

Overview Calendar Optimized for iPhone 6 - Popular Calendar App

Overview Calendar Rating: Price: $1.99  App Store After months of development and listening to beta testers, Gladsome Studios earlier this week officially released its calendar app 'Overview Calendar' out of beta. And today the app is fully optimized for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The design is built around a birds-eye view of your life, creating a before unseen overview of your life. » Read More