Rovio Turns Down a $2.2 Billion Buyout Offer from Zynga

The New York Times is reporting that Rovio -- creators or our beloved Angry Birds -- turned down a $2.2 billion (that's $2,200,000,000) buyout offer from Zynga. Neither company has confirmed this, but it sounds like it's more than just a rumor. Continue reading → » Read More

Extreme Road Trip Review

Extreme Road Trip is an endless runner…well, endless driver, I suppose, that puts players in control of a vehicle that burns fuel at rates that make fossils cry out in fear. The goal is to drive as long as possible, mostly by performing flips with good landings to get turbo boosts to keep going. Runs end when either the vehicle is stopped by running out of fuel, or when the vehicle crashes. » Read More

Make your own Om Nom Christmas Card in Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift update (iPad)

If you haven't gotten into the Holiday spirit yet, Chillingo's got a great way to start things off. The publisher has just released new update for their year old Cut the Rope spin-off Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift. The update contains a slew of new in-game content, including new animations, a new level, and a photo booth that lets you create digital greeting cards to share w » Read More

Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies announced for iPhone and iPad, due today

Just over two years ago, Activision gave the iOS gaming world an almighty shock by releasing Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies on iPhone. Not only did this improbable multiplayer shooter come out of nowhere, but it was surprisingly good, earning a coveted Pocket Gamer Gold Award.It's happened again. Li... » Read More

iPad Games Similar to Angry Birds

Flinging, lobbing, throwing in an arc to destroy or target something. Sounds familiar? Hint #1: Rovio. Hint #2: Birds. Hint #3… well you do not need another hint, do you? I am talking about Angry Birds, the world wide phenomenon that made us love the temperament avian.Angry Birds has been downloaded three hundred million times, two hundred million minutes a day are spent playing this game a » Read More

'Chickon' Review - Funny, but Not Quite the Next 'Galcon'

I've seen a few strange hybrids in my day. Many of them have been described in sentences that end with "... meets Angry Birds," but I'm not complaining. Some of the most interesting games on the App Store have taken unusual inspirations and combined them. Still, I'm not sure what inspired developer Phil Hassey to create a version of Galcon [$1.99 / Lite], his 2008 galactic strategy game, that rep » Read More

Angry Birds Rio Smugglers Plane Walkthrough Level 11-15

Below is our 3 star walkthrough video for Angry Birds Rio Smugglers’ Plane Level 11-15. If you have a different method that is easier or yields a higher score please feel free to leave a comment below explaining your strategy. … Continue reading → » Read More

APPNATION III Kicks Off Next Week – AR Readers Get a Discount

The third APPNATION conference will be held November 30-December 1 at the Concourse at the SF Design Center and AndroidRundown and the 148Apps Network are proud media sponsors. The agenda is shaping up to be yet another great one this time around. Some of the great speakers and panel members lined up include:Doug Purdy, Director of Developer Relations, FacebookBaudouin Corman, VP Publishing Amer » Read More