GDC 2012: Glu Continues To Expand Their Freemium Line-up With Varied Genres

It seems more and more developers and publishers are focusing on Freemium, and Glu is one of the leaders. When we think of Freemium, we instantly think of timing based simulation games. The freemium model could be applied to any genre, and Glu is definitely extending beyond just simulation games. With games like Contract Killer, Gun Bros., Blood & Glory, Eternity Warriors, Star Blitz, and Fro » Read More

Price Drop: Sizer (Lifestyle)

Sizer 1.3.1 Device: iOS iPhone Category: Lifestyle Price: $1.99 -> Free, Version: 1.3.1 (iTunes) Description: ★ APP OF THE WEEK ★ TOP1 What's Hot ★ TOP1 Lifestyle★ TOP5 Overall★ TOP5 New and NoteworthyExtra experience:☆ TOP3 Best Shopping tools============================= Sizer application can help you to choose the right size of clothes in the U.S., Europe, the U.K., Japan or R » Read More

iPad Accessory Enhances Family Game Night

My friends and I already use the iPad for our game nights. We play Bleep Word Guessing Game and Jeopardy! HD on occasion. Well a new iPad accessory called Duo Pop has set out to enhance iPad game nights with their popper system.Duo Pop basically turns the iPad into a game show with four “Poppers” and a transmitted that’s placed near the iPad’s speaker. Similar to Jeopardy, each player’s popper is » Read More

Spin Yourself a Web in Itzy3D – iPad Game Review

A lot of games feature a superhero-style leading character that seeks to save the world from evil. In this app, the hero is a spider and the villains are a hoard of fireflies unleashed upon the world when a meteor crashed.How does a spider catch fireflies? With a web, of course! Help your spider to spin successful and strategic webs designed to catch as many of the delicious fireflies as possible » Read More


Fuzel, a successful new photo editing and sharing app for your iPhone, will be available for download tomorrow, February 29, 2012, in the iTunes Store. Fuzel embraces tools and effects similar to other great photo editing apps, but it adds some cool customization options to bring more energy and life to your iPhone photography arsenal. [...]Read the full review at » Read More

Review – EA Board Games for iPad

EA Board Games: I love board games. I started playing Scrabble with my family when I was six. Since then, I’ve played just about every board game known to man, including the game of Law School — which everybody but me hated, but I fancied myself quite the legal jargonist back then.So when I wanted to play board games on the go, it meant owning travel versions — which were often clunky and h » Read More

Turtle’s Tale: Runaway is a Pleasant Puzzle Game

Turtle's Tale: RunawayDeveloper: CODESPOT SOFTWARE JOINT STOCK COMPANY Price: $0.99Download from the App StoreUser Ratings: If you’re tired of birds – even the cool ones – and are seeking a physics-based rescue game starring a different kind of critter, then Turtle’s Tale: Runaway may have a place in your game library. Turtle’s Tale: Runaway is a physics puzzle game in a similar thread as C » Read More

BeatBlaster – Turn Your iPad Into A Hi-Fi System

Your music can be played practically anywhere these days, but it seems digital interfaces can only provide so much. There’s nothing quite like the the flair of a Hi-Fi system with deluxe receiver, speaker, turntable, and music library. BeatBlaster is a new app that attempts to turn your iPad into a Hi-Fi system filled with the various parts. You begin with the main receiver, and it looks great fi » Read More