Lilipad iPad kiosk hits the mark on price, simplicity

Having the iPad serve as a portable, simple display kiosk or showcase is terribly tempting. For one thing, now that the 16GB iPad 2 has dropped in price due to the new iPad launch, it's more affordable than ever. For another, getting that touch inter... » Read More

A Mountain Lion Is Coming

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Google to launch online store for Android tablets

While Apple is enjoying huge levels of success with the new iPad, Google has recorded dissapointing sales of tablets running Android OS. In order to boost sales Google is reportedly planning to rollout an online store by the end of 2012, the store will sell tablets running Android OS.According to The Wall Street Journal  the internet search giant’s plans are similar to the short » Read More

I0n1c Displays Untethered Jailbroken iPad 3 On iOS 5.1 (Video)

Looks like iPhone hacker I0n1c (famous for the iOS 4 jailbreak) who recently has shown off pictures (via Twitter) that he has jailbroken the A5 chipped iPad 2 on iOS 5.1.  Now he’s back showing off a video of an iPad 3 jailbroken on iOS 5.1 video for the disbelievers.  Watch below. No time table [...] » Read More

Download TinyUmbrella 5.10.08: Save The New iPad 3, Apple TV 3G SHSH Blobs

NotCom has updated TinyUmbrella to version 5.10.08. TinyUmbrella 5.10.08 can save iOS 5.1 SHSH blobs for the new iPad (iPad 3) and Apple TV 3G. You can download TinyUmbrella 5.10.08 from the link below. Hit the jump to learn more about TinyUmbrella 5.10.08…This is what Notcom has posted on his blog about this TinyUmbrella 5.10.08 update:Welcome to the ‘Save SHSH’ Family!With the new iPad 3 » Read More

Instapaper 4.1

In my review of Readability for iOS, I wrote:I think there are various important points to stress: the Instapaper app has been around for years now, and with the recent 4.0 update it solidified the strong feature set offered by Arment which, quite honestly, is still unsurpassed. Put simply: you can’t do all the things you’re able to do in Instapaper with the new Readability app. So, if you’re rea » Read More

Untethered Jailbreak iPad 3 5.1 iOS Shown Off and Three Jailbreak Exploits

Untethered Jailbreak iPad 3 5.1 iOS Shown Off and Three Jailbreak Exploits. Yesterday we showed you The iPhone Dev-Team has successfully jailbroken the new LTE Retina Display iPad, today The new iPad 3 has been hammered by hackers. They have found, not one, not two but three different exploits to jailbreak the newly released iPad from Apple.We have some famous hackers who have been busy recently » Read More

CamFast Cydia Tweak: Launch iPhone Camera With Activator Gestures

iOS 5 has a shortcut for launching the camera app straight from the lockscreen. Users are looking for shortcuts to launch the app quickly as the cameras on all the iDevices are extensively used as they have been extensively used! However, it can become irritating to find the camera app icon while using the camera so to offset this, one developer has released a tweak named as CamFast. It goes a st » Read More