Leather iPad Case Review | Oberon Design [RePost]

If you have been looking for leather iPad case then you will want to check out this unique accessory from Oberon Design.  It is truly one of those accessories that once you see it and hold it, you will know that there was a lot of care and quality built right into it.The DetailsLocated out of Santa Rosa, California, Oberon Design has been around since the 1970′s and all of their products ar » Read More

Easily Add Real-Time Tournament Multiplayer And More Into Single Player iOS Games

In the past I’ve mentioned a tutorial how to use GameKit for multiplayer gaming, and several services to help with app cross-promotion services.What this service allows you to do is somewhat different from what we’ve seen so far.It allows you to enable tournaments within your games with real time updates – effectively changing a single player game into a real-time multiplayer ga » Read More

Review – Race of Champions (ROC) Official Game

Race of Champions (ROC) Official Game is a moto racing game based on a real-life competition. The true Race of Champions, created in 1988, prides itself on being an international extreme race tournament which leaves motorists “free to battle, head-to-head, on the very same track in the very same car,” spectators watching every piece of the action in a large stadium surrounding the racetrack.In or » Read More

Open Source: Gridview Component With Movable Cells That Respond To Gestures And More

I have mentioned some excellent open source grid view components in the past such as the high performance KKgrividew control.What makes this control different is that not only does it provide an excellent scrollable gridview component, but in addition each view responds to gestures and can be moved around by dragging and dropping, maximized, and minimized and more.You can see how the control resp » Read More

SBSettings To Your iPhone Home Screen Like Shortcuts Without Jailbreaking

SBSettings are usually given as a primary reason for people to jailbreak their idevices. It is one of those things that once you become accustomed to having it, using your idevice without it become very difficult. iOS 5 can be jailbroken using an untethered jailbreak and many hacking groups have been looking for various exploits in order to pwn the software. iPhone 4S users whilst they have » Read More

How to use Siri for voice dictation on a Mac with Mobile Mouse

By now just about everyone knows that you can use Siri to take dictation on an iPhone 4S, but what you may not know is that you can also use it on a Mac. If you have an app on your iPhone that allows you to access your Mac’s keyboard functions remotely, you can use [...] » Read More

Free your hands with FLOTE iPad stand

Designer Dave Cutler just sent an email telling me about his project FLOTE. It’s an ergonomic, machined-metal floor stand for the iPad and other tablets. I guess this should work with the upcoming iPad 3 too. FLOTE will be available in January 2012 if enough people back it at kickstarter. Watch the video below to see this thing in action. » Read More

HyperPhysics App Review

Sometimes you want to just kick back with a cool beverage of choice, and you know...? Do something crazy with your iPad!! Maybe something radical like: observe the conservation of angular momentum applied to a smooth body in motion as it turns ever more rapidly around it's center of mass. Huh, you say?!.. Ever see a skater speed up in a spin just by pulling in her arms? That's an application of e » Read More