Google Music Definitely Goes to 11

It has a been a good year for cloud storage, and music is no exception. First, we saw the launch of Amazon Cloud Player, which gives you 5GB of cloud storage and lets you stream your music via a web browser or just about any smartphone. You can also purchase songs and have them stored for free in the cloud. Earlier this year, we wondered whether Google was planning their own music store for Andro » Read More

A Reality Check On The Life Of An Independent Developer

A Reality Check On The Life Of An Independent DeveloperWith the massive successes of Rovio (Angry Birds), Lima Sky (Doodle Jump), ZeptoLab (Cut the Rope) and other independent developers, a certain assumption has been established in which any developer who creates a reasonably successful app is thought to be profiting handsomely from the venture, maybe even becoming a millionaire. But as Shifty J » Read More

Help Sleepy Mole and Teddy Find a Place to Nap in Sleepy Mole’s Moving Day

Sleepy Mole’s Moving Day, from developer Ginger Whale, is the choose-your-path tale of a poor mole who has been is awakened in the middle of a nap and driven from his home by construction workers.Throughout the course of the story, Sleepy Mole digs his way to a new home, encountering a variety of animal homes that are not quite right for him. Mr. Otter’s home is much too wet, Mrs. Skunk’s home is » Read More

Steve Jobs brainstorm with the NeXT team [video]

While Walter Isaacson’s recent Steve Jobs biography revealed a lot of insight into Steve Jobs and Apple, it didn’t provide much insight into Steve Jobs’ time at NeXT. Fortunately, a new, never-before-seen documentary has surfaced, providing a much better glimpse into that period of Jobs’ career.Steve Jobs formed NeXT after being ousted from Apple by John Sculley, and Apple later purchased the com » Read More

Use Siri’s Voice Dictation Feature On A Mac [How To]

We recently published a post showing how you can send group messages and emails with Siri, the digital voice assistant. Today, we’ll show you how you can use Siri’s voice dictation feature to dictate text to your Mac (via TUAW). All you need is an app on your iPhone 4S that allows you to access your...Use Siri’s Voice Dictation Feature On A Mac [How To] is a post from: iPhone in » Read More

Review: Raccoon Rising

If you're a gamer of a certain age, then you were likely brought up on a diet of spry, anthropomorphic creatures hopping from platform to platform collecting things.That trend has continued into smartphone gaming, although it's been added to, built upon, and twisted around in a variety of fantastic, confusing, and downright impressive ways.The latest in a long line of platforming revisions... » Read More


Chocohero is one of the more rather bizarre games available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. This iPhone app has users take control of Chipster, the hero of the game , as they try to help him rescue all of his equally bizarre friends throughout the tasty world of Smoresdom. This application includes [...]Read the full review at » Read More

How To Add Contact and Dial from Home Screen on iPhone

In the built-in Phone app, you can assign your favorite contacts as “Favorites” for speed dial purpose. However, not all iPhone users consider it as a true speed dial feature (at least I do not). What you may expect is you can simply tap an icon on the home screen and dial directly.If you own a jailbroken iPhone, CallMe is the hack that allows you to create this kind of speed dial. Th » Read More