iPad App Review: Turtle World

We love it here at Maciverse when developers ask us to review their games and we were excited when the team over at PlaySnack Games invited us to take their latest iPad and iPhone app Turtle World for a spin.Turtle World is an action/puzzle game that requires you to navigate a turtle around the screen for as long as possible while avoiding, attacking, and eating your way to the unlock the next wo » Read More

Infinity Blade II 1.0 [v1.0] Crack ipa Download

Infinity Blade II 1.0 [v1.0] Crack ipa Infinity Blade has been presented to the world once again in a new way . The game continues where the last game ended . Now the God King has been defeated and here the new hero emerges which will now search to uncover the truth behind Infinity Blade. [...] » Read More

Apple disabled settings shortcuts in iOS 5.1 beta

Thanks to the release of iOS 5, iPhone users found a tweak that allowed them to setup settings shortcuts for Bluetooth enabling and WiFi. This was all thanks to Safari allowing you to create a web shortcut to these settings.With the relase of iOS 5.1 beta Apple has disabled this feature so that you can no longer create these shortcuts. If you want to get this feature back it looks lik » Read More

Calorie Counter* Earns an A for Nutrition and Diet Apps

If the holidays put you in mind of watching your weight, then no doubt you’re silently counting calories at every party and family gathering. Even if you prefer to throw caution to the weight-watching wind and worry about it later, it might be nice to at least monitor your nutritional intake.The Calorie Counter* app for iPhone is a free app that counts calories, weighs intake against exercise and » Read More

New App – undun for iPhone and iPad

Rating: N/A / Artist: UMG Recordings, Inc. / Version: N/AThe un(dun) app is a companion piece to the The Roots 2011 (Island Def Jam) release “undun”. Through the use of photos, lyrics, a series of interviews and music video vignettes, the app provides an immersive experience that elucidates the life and times of one Redford Stephens (1974-1999), a complex youth who struggles to defin » Read More

Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket in white coming soon

Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket Coming in White Dress- One of the Best Smartphone From Samsung is Now Going to Make Our it's Dress and its Going to Release in White Color.Recently There was News Coming that Samsung is Going to Release Galaxy S II Skyrocket In White Color. There was No official Announcement From Samsung But Recently Samsung has Listed this Galaxy S II Skyrocket on it's Site. » Read More

iPhone 4S On China Unicom Now Hinging On Regulatory Approval

The deal in which Apple is said to have been discussing with China Unicom executives over the selling of its iPhone 4S on the network may finally be coming to a close this week. That’s according to MIC Gadget (via AppleInsider), who reports that a government-issued permit allowing the usage of the device on the network is all that stands between the completion of the deal.Noting the the net » Read More

Experience Windows Phone 7 x Mango on Your iPhone or Android Phone! How?

Window Phone platform is making its way in the tech markets by getting popularity and acceptance by the folks. These WP7 devices are quite able to integrate fully with an exchange account, a remarkable turn-by-turn navigation app and a striking WVGA screen. Compatibility with Xbox Live and Live Tiles are also amusing highlights of WP7 [...] » Read More