AquaBoard Cydia Tweak For iPhone and iPad Released [Video]

Check out this cool new tweak called Aquaboard that gives you super cool water ripple effects on SpringBoard! Yes, you can now have the live wallpaper effect that’s so popular on Android. Touch anywhere, on icons, on the scroll view, your lockscreen, and ripples appear right where you touched or dragged. The tweak uses OpenGL ES [...] » Read More

Check the Weather

I’m not obsessed with weather apps as much as I am with text editors. Throughout 2012, several developers came out with their own takes on presenting weather data in beautiful interfaces with custom designs; however, when it comes to weather, in spite of my non-obsession, I demand efficiency. Most of the time, many of the “great-looking” weather apps only focus on capturing the user’s attention w » Read More

iPhone & iPad | Apple Hi-Tech

iPhone & iPad news, tips, guides. » Read More

Dropbox makes SDK changes, now complies with Apple’s rules

Last week we reported that Apple had begun rejecting apps that used Dropbox SDK allowing apps to link to external purchase options. Now the company reported that they have made updates and now their apps are once again being accepted into the App Store.Dropbox has also officially confirmed the changes made to its SDK, the guy behind the iPhone and iPad versions of Dropbox, Brian Smith » Read More

iH8Sn0w Downgrades iPhone 4S, iPad 2 iOS 5.1 to iOS 5.0.1

iH8Sn0w, the hacker behind Sn0wBreeze, iFaith, iREB and other popular jailbreak related tools has discovered a loophole in Apple’s apticket system that allows you to downgrade your iPad 2 and iPhone 4S iOS 5.1 to iOS 5.0.1 firmware.The loophole found by iH8Sn0w, in Apple’s apticket system will even work on A5X devices as soon as Apple pushes a new firmware update. This downgrade metho » Read More

Apple Clarifies iPad “4G” Marketing On Australian Website

Two days ago we noted Apple had promised the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) to clarify the marketing for the new iPad’s “4G” connectivity options on the company’s Australian website. With the ACCC alleging that Apple was misleading Australian customers in thinking the iPad would be compatible with Telstra’s 4G network, and Apple replying that A » Read More

Nokia Lumia 900 Launches April 8th on AT&T for $99.99

Nokia Lumia 900 Launches April 8th on AT&T for $99.99 . A few months ago we told you many of the news about the Nokia Lumia like new The Nokia lumia 800 with many Specs also we showed you Nokia Lumia 800 vs iPhone 4S browser load speed test, today we have good news for you about Nokia Lumia AT&T has announced the launch of the Nokia Lumia 900 on April 8th for $99.99 with a two y » Read More

ClipboardEdit Tweak: Edit Items On Your Clipboard

It would be right to say that almost every day a developer comes with a new way for using the Notification hub for jailbreak purposes. As soon as the iOS 5 was introduced, it seems that Notification Center based tweaks have taken the spotlight. A new tweak has been released for the Notification Center, by the name ‘ClipboardEdit’, and it has been developed by Ron Melkihor. This tweak allows » Read More