Apple Loses Appeal Against Samsung Galaxy Tab In The UK; Ordered To Run “Apology” Ads

Back in July, a UK Judge had ruled that Samsung’s Galaxy tab did not infringe on Apple’s iPad as “it’s not as cool” as Apple’s product.While the judge took a dig at Samsung, the ruling was more adverse for Apple as the judge had ordered Apple to publicly acknowledge that Samsung didn’t copy the iPad on its website.  Continue reading → » Read More

How to Disable New Ad Tracking Technology on iPhone 5 and iOS 6

Apple has embedded a new ad tracking system in iPhone 5, and iOS 6, which is enabled by default and allows advertisers to access your information from your iPhone. So, guide below let you instruct if you want to disable tracking configuration on your iPhone 5 or iOS 6 device. Disable New Ad Tracking on [...] » Read More

Nosy Crow Launches Animal SnApp: Farm An App with Six Rhyming Stories

October 18, 2012 London, United Kingdom - Independent publisher Nosy Crow is pleased to announce that its first rhyming storybook app featuring multiple stories, Animal SnApp: Farm, is now available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. In this interactive app, readers swipe through the two halves of different farmyard animals in a f » Read More

YouSpin PRO 3D Model Creator Updates For iOS 6, Goes FREE (Limited Time)

Ever wanted to create a 360-degree, 3D capture of an object or person while on-the-go? – If you have, you may want to give 3Sixty’s YouSpin PRO a try. Designed to allow you to capture full, 360-degree views of the objects or products around you, the app’s “enormously easy” stopframe-based interface claims to allow the frame-by-frame capture of each profile of the object you̵ » Read More

A Calendar on Steroids for Your iPhone

When iOS 6 was rolled out along with the iPhone 5 I was looking for a number of improvements to come along with it. I don’t pay much attention to the rumor sites, or even what Apple seeds in some of the developer previews because they’ve been known to pull/add things last minute so when I fired up iOS 6 I didn’t know what to expect. There were a few things that I had hoped would » Read More

Best Portfolio App for iPad: You’re the Pundit

I have tried quite a few different portfolio Apps on iPad to display my photography work and quite frankly I’m not really thrilled or blown away by any of them. While I wait for my buddy Shaun to build the ultimate portfolio App that I’ve always wanted, I continue to use Portfolio for iPad as it has “most” of what I’m looking for and they’ve submitted a Retina » Read More

Deals Roundup: 40% Off TuneUp Bundle And Lots More

We’ve some great deals available in our Deals Hub.Here’s a quick roundup of all the deals, so you don’t miss out, as some deals like the TuneUp Bundle is available for less than 12 hours. Continue reading → » Read More

iTunes 10.6.1 for Windows and Mac

Apple released iTunes 10.6.1 update which includes fixes for several issues and the update could be grabbed through software update or via direct download links below for Windows and Mac. iTunes 10.6.1 Updates Addresses media handling bugs Fixes data syncing issues with iPad nano, iPod Shuffel and other devices Addresses problems with its interface disorder [...] » Read More