Dude Perfect: Angry Birds Meets Stardunk

If you haven’t heard of Dude Perfect, it definitely time you checked them out. Essentially they are a excited rabble of YouTubers who pull off some truly incredible basketball trick shots. Have a look at their YouTube channel but be sure to come back, okay? Back? Great! The Dudes thought it high time to release an official mobile game based on their bodacious basketballing exploits. Dude Pe » Read More

Why I’m Falling In Love with Android

I’m an Apple user at heart; I use a Mac as my computer, an iPhone as my smartphone and an iPad as my tablet. In my opinion, it’s a pretty great setup, especially when it’s backed by Apple’s iTunes and iCloud ecosystem that keeps everything working together. But although that’s probably not going to change, I’ve felt an impulse (though I have not succumbed, yet) » Read More

Box Offering 50GB of Free Cloud Storage to Users Installing a Free Android App

Box some time offers really sweet deals. Last year they offered 50GB of free cloud storage space to the iOS users and now this year they are offering the similar deal to the Android users! What Android users have to do to get this 50GB space is to install the updated Box app from the Market and log-in to the application. This deal is valid until March 23, 2012. So if you want to avail this deal h » Read More

Spectacular Thai Villa With A Sea View

This Thai villa is the perfect getaway location for those who want to enjoy an amazing sea view. It boasts six bedrooms, an infinity pool and a spectacular panoramic view of the sea and surrounding mountains. The house itself is just wrapped in glass so you feel outside even though you’re inside. I’d be scared of going over those edges though, looks dangerously high.Follow us elsewher » Read More

Ice Cream Sandwich custom ROM Released for the Nexus S [Video]

Ice Cream Sandwich ports are already beginning to surface.  This time, xda-developer member ‘kwiboo’, has created a pretty stable Ice Cream Sandwich custom ROM for the Nexus S and its variants.  There’s a few things that need fixing, like missing  data usage statistics and USB mass storage support.  Look for these to be fixed soon. [...] » Read More

Enjoy Secure Browsing With Orbot and the Tor Project

With the growing concern about privacy on the web today, it makes more sense than ever to keep your identity, information, and traffic secure. In my hunt for secure browsing I discovered the Tor Project: a collection of routed computers which gives you anonymity online. Once I had enjoyed the desktop version I noticed the Android version. I downloaded it, loved it, and would now like to share thi » Read More

40 Free Artsy, Minimalist Themes for Android

If you’ve read other articles here at Android.AppStorm, you’ll notice that we absolutely love the way we can customize our phones’ user interface. The overall look, however, can be attributed to a certain theme for a specified launcher, depending on which one you have installed. The themes I personally prefer are those that have fewer graphics and more texture; I find that thes » Read More

Facebook Adds Timeline Feature to Fan Pages

Facebook are now rolling out their new Timeline feature for fan pages. Timeline has been a very hit and miss feature for Facebook profiles, some like it and some don’t. I personally love it and have already updated the UltraLinx fan page to utilise the new feature.New features include the ability to pin a post to the top of the fan page for a week, receive and respond to private messages fr » Read More