'Incoboto' Review - The End of The Universe Was Never So Much Fun

The description for Ziggurat [$.99] calls it "the end of a much longer story -- a story which ends with The Last Human On Earth standing atop a stratosphere-high stone pyramid." Incoboto [$3.99] could have been described similarly: "Incoboto is the end of a much longer story -- a story which ends with The Last Human in the Galaxy trying to survive the heat death of the universe."It's a uniquely l » Read More

Angry Birds Rio Trophy Room Episode Now Available via Amazon Appstore, More Coming Soon

The latest update for Angry Birds Rio (v1.4.3) is now available for Android via the Amazon Appstore, with other platforms coming soon. The update features 12 bonus levels in a new episode called the "Trophy Room"! But that's not all! Read all the juicy details here. Continue reading → » Read More

Pocket Cloud Explore Review

Connecting devices through wireless technology has been a common practice among advanced and even average tech gadget users. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi make transferring files possible without the hassle of using wires and cables to connect two devices. The free version allows for one remote computers and an upcoming paid version will allow 10 remote computers.PocketCloud Explore takes this technology t » Read More

Zynga no longer king of the Facebook hill (Facebook)

Ever since the dawn of mankind, as defined as since the release of FarmVille, Zynga has had the number one app on Facebook in terms of daily average users (DAU’s) until now.Today, OMGPOP’s Draw Something is officially the most popular app on Facebook with 10.8 million DAU’s, compared to Words with Friends with 8.6 million DAU’s according to AppData. » Read More

Trailer for Clash Force on iOS

... » Read More

Temple Run Review – Crazy Indiana Jones-esque Runner

Temple Run Review – Crazy Indiana Jones-esque Runner is a post from: My iPad GamesWe’ve all seen runner games in touch devices — some of them are pretty bad that they get deleted from my iPad at the same day. However, it comes as a pleasant surprise that Temple Run had gotten my (and my girlfriend’s) attention for almost two weeks now. I feel like a winner in my new find & » Read More

'Gridrunner' Review - A Retro Remake Done Right

I came to Jeff Minter's oeuvre late, around the time of the XBLA release of Space Giraffe. I mention this not (only) to display the depths of my ignorance, but to provide context: there's more to love in Gridrunner [$0.99] than just nostalgia. For anyone who missed the heyday of the Commodore 64, Minter's iOS titles might seem a bit unapproachable, but consider giving them a shot – they might sur » Read More

Angry Birds Facebook Update includes Chapter 2 (15 New Levels) of Surf & Turf

The first major update to Angry Birds Facebook has landed and includes 15 new levels of Surf & Turf. Continue reading → » Read More