The Typic iPhone app creates elegant captioned photos with smooth, simple, & intuitive navigation. Featuring carefully streamlined options for enhancing photography and manipulating the text’s appearance, the Typic iPhone app gives you everything most would want and need for the amazingly low price of free. There is a clear, methodical process that is easy to [...]Review of Typic by Ap » Read More

Quick Look & Video Demo: Paper Toss with Friends for iPad

Paper Toss has been one of my favorite fun little games for iPhone and iPad for years now. I played the heck out of the original version on the iPhone and both my 9 year old daughter and I loved Paper Toss World Tour where we could test our tossing skills at a range of scenic places around the world. The latest release in this popular series is Paper Toss with Friends – a social, multiplayer vers » Read More

New: The Haunt 2 (Games)

The Haunt 2 1.00 Device: iOS Universal Category: Games Price: $1.99, Version: 1.00 (iTunes) Description: The Haunt 2 is the much anticipated sequel to the wildly popular point and tap adventure game The Haunt – one of the top selling (and rated) apps on Amazon and Google. This too is sure to make your toes curl and keep your device on edge! This stunningly beautiful and creepily » Read More

Price Drop: Dolch Words (Education)

Dolch Words 2.2 Device: iOS iPhone Category: Education Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 2.2 (iTunes) Description: ★ Make reading fun and engaging for your child! ★★ The Dolch Words App helps your child read and understand basic, building-block words! ★Research shows that children of all ages learn best when there is an activity involved. The Dolch Words app presents all 220 words fr » Read More

Train Crisis HD+ Review

Train Crisis HD+ Review By Rob Rich on March 30th, 2012 Our Rating: :: FIRST CLASS TICKETUniversal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad Leading trains around a track is apparently quite the white-knuckle affair. Of course it still looks cool if they meet with an unfortunate accident.   Developer: U-Play OnlinePrice: $0.99Version: 1.2.1App Reviewed on: iPhone 3GSGraphics / » Read More

Instamatch – iPad app review

I’m not going to lie: the first thought that popped into my head when I started to peruse the Instamatch app was “what a waste of time.’Then I spent an hour happily playing with it. Waste of time, indeed. Instamatch is memory concentration game that integrates with the Instagram, the popular iPhone app,  to create a card-matching memory game.It works like this: Pick a game mode » Read More


Flychaser is a game for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad where you play as a frog who must catch flies (surprise!). The main game is broken up into many different levels, each with its own goal, which mostly involves jumping between lily pads and rocks and catching bugs. Doesn’t seem too involved, but many games [...]Read the full review at AppSafari.com » Read More

Review – Lume HD for iPad

In the world of iPad gaming, puzzle games still hold the spotlight.Oftentimes, more casual iPad users prefer puzzle games; because, unlike more involved games such as Sid Meyers Pirates! and Grand Theft Auto III, puzzle games are much easier to pick up, play and then ignore. It’s a more passive type of gameplay, which is great for those who only have a spare 15 minutes here and there to thr » Read More