Tablets – Taking the Middle Road

Laptops have large and comfortable screens, but they are bulky and inconvenient to lug around. Smartphones are lightweight, but the screen is too small to read text or enjoy movies and other video. It is this space that tablets have invaded and given users the best of both worlds. It all started with the iPad, but there are more than a dozen vendor offering competing tablets. Here is a brief look » Read More

Example: Open Source iOS App For Searching And Displaying Music Artist And Mix Information

    Featured iPhone Development Resources,iOS Development Source Code Examples,Objective-CThere are a number of different web based APIs that you can use to gather information that can be used within music apps.Two of those APIs are provided by Last.FM and 8tracks that you can use to gather artist information, and information on different user created mixes and radio stations » Read More

Pod2g And Planetbeing Now Working On iPhone 5 Untethered Jailbreak For iOS 6 / 6.0.1

Great news to report for all those anxiously waiting on an untethered jailbreak for the iPhone 5 and other new devices. We have just been informed that both Pod2g and Planetbeing are now working on the long awaited iOS 6 / 6.0.1 jailbreak.There are so many people who have purchased the iPhone 5 or upgraded their existing handsets to iOS 6 and now after months of waiting for a jailbreak solution » Read More

Crescent Zeuss Concept Phone – Quad Core & Futuristic Design

Crescent Zeuss Concept Phone – Quad Core & Futuristic Design Right from the desk of Jonathan De Jesus and Crescent Mobile Technologies introduced a new concept phone called Crescent Zuess. This device comes with an unusuall design as well as packed with 2.5 GB of RAM and 12 MP camera. Device is also having 1080p [...] » Read More

Apple Reportedly Acquires Photo and Video Sharing App Color [Rumour]

According to a report via The Next Web, Apple has reportedly acquired the photo and video sharing app Color. The latter first launched last March and was underwhelming after much media hype and garnering $41 million in funding: Color Labs, the photo-and-video-sharing social network that received much criticism over its pre-launch $41 million funding round,...Apple Reportedly Acquires Photo and Vi » Read More

Download Chrome for iPhone or iPad from iTunes [New Features]

Few months ago Google Chrome App has been released for Apple's devices, iPhone and iPad. Google Chrome is an amazing browser gives you many features and the ability to post to social networks like google plus, Twitter and Facebook.In June 2012 the great hacker Ryan Petrichthat has released a new jailbreak tweak called BrowserChooser Allows you to set Google Chrome as the default browser on your d » Read More

SpongeBob Tickler for iPad

If you or your kids love SpongeBob SquarePants, you will likely love this. For two minutes. Before you realise you have better things to do.This app presents you with SpongeBob in an underwater scene, and you can do pretty much whatever you like to him; touch his mouth to make him speak a limited number of phrases, touch his eyes to make him wink, and touch the background to create bubbles that h » Read More

Objective-C Runtime Additions Allows Swizzling Without Creating A Category And More

I’ve mentioned a number of great Objective-C libraries to make things quicker and easier.Today I came across an Objective-C library ObjectiveCRuntimeAdditions  that adds a couple of terrific additions to the Objective-C language.The first addition is the ability to swizzle a method without the need to create a category – the readme states:If you wanted to swizzle a method before, you » Read More