Discover the first Celebrity Check-in service. Smarp allows you to know where your favorite celebrities are around the world; find out real time where they eat, shop, and party. Whenever celebrities are reported anywhere, Smarp checks them in instantly. That’s Indirect Check-In and already 1,000 celebrity check-ins a day through Smarp.We analyze over 1 million daily messages and follow 50,000+ » Read More

NoteLedge – The one iPad app you need for notes, journaling and more

Many notetaking and journaling app options exist in the iPad App Store, but few combine the best of both worlds and more, featuring a wonderful user interface and features galore like NoteLedge. NoteLedge is a tremendous app for business and personal use, allowing one to capture anything worth remembering and organizing it in a simple, yet unique, way.Notetaking is simple, offering keyboard and h » Read More

Snap2PDF – Scan Documents and Share Searchable PDFs

Lately these days I’m finding that when I need to scan a document it’s more convenient to just snap a photo of it with my iPhone and convert it into a PDF using an App. This allows me to do it just about anywhere as opposed to having to wait til I get home to use one of my document scanners. While it’s easy to take a picture, using an App to finish the process makes for a better » Read More


It’s web building fun! A meteor has crashed, unleashing delicious fireflies. Help our spider hero Itzy as he moves from his forest home to neighbouring farmlands and cities in search of food. Cover the 3D world in webs, take it to the bad guys with your Kung-Fu Punch and eat as many alien fireflies as you can! Climb to the heights of Itzy’s forest, explore deep, foreboding caves, t » Read More

iPad Books for Kids: Cinderella by Nosy Crow

Cinderella – Nosy Crow animated picture book is one of many iPad versions of the classic story of Cinderella. In fact, a search for Cinderella in the iPad App Store yields 178 results. Nosy Crow’s version has won much critical acclaim and numerous awards – here’s its App Store page intro: Created in HD especially for iPad. Nosy Crow’s Cinderella app lets you play inside the story. Beautiful i » Read More

Draw Something by OMGPOP - OMGPOP

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Get Inspired and Organize Your Life with oooloo

Productivity apps are in no short supply in the iTunes App Store, so to truly stand out an app has to feature great design, offer something no other app can offer and actually improve productivity.  Oooloo does that and more with a minimal learning curve and tremendous flexibility.From Lazy Appz, oooloo improves productivity by making boring tasks fun to complete.  The list of things one can use » Read More

Softsign Lets You Sign and Annotate PDFs

 Although my favorite all around do everything PDF App is PDF Expert, I can certainly recognize Apps that are targeted at specific tasks and especially when they're FREE for a limited time. That's where Softsign comes in Softsign is designed to allow you to annotate and digitally sign PDF documents on your iPad, iPod touch and iPhone. It's a Universal App so it plays nicely with » Read More