Microsoft Release Video On Uses of Surface

Original Article on UltraLinx Website - Microsoft Release Video On Uses of SurfaceI’m pretty excited for the Microsoft Surface, purely because it looks like it’ll be great competition to the iPad.Microsoft really showed us what a “Smart Cover” should really be, by including a keyboard right into the screen cover for the tablet. The design of it is exceptional too, very dif » Read More

How to Root Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich Firmware on Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) Using CF-Root

Android 4.0.3 final build for Samsung Galaxy S2 is now available in many countries and more countries are being added to the update list with the time. If you have already updated your SGSII device to the latest official build of ICS through OTA or you manually updated your device to the latest stock firmware from Samsung using our guide, either way its likely that you would like to now root the » Read More

How To Customize Your Android ROM With PimpMyRom [Video]

Hey all you ROM lovers out there, there’s a great new mod called Pimp my Rom which will give you all those awesome scripts that you wish your ROM had.  PimpMyRom is an aroma-installer based script that will allow you to choose between a plethora of nice tweaks, mods, apps, themes and features to add to [...] » Read More

In Brief: Five Android apps we think you’ll dig

We've decided to gather up some of our recent YouTube video reviews and app previews and share them with you, dear reader. If you're new to Android or looking for a new game or application to mess around with, these would be a great start. Each of the videos below is around five minutes in length and touches on most, if not all, of the main features and functions.We'd love to hear from... » Read More

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Review | Apps Tunes

A system of millions or billions of stars, together with gas and dust, held together by gravitational attraction.The galaxy of which the solar system is a part; the Milky Way. nexus plural of nex·u... » Read More

NBA Jam By EA Sports

Electornic Arts has slam dunked NBA Jam onto Android and I couldn’t be happier! They have kept a lot of the elements of the original console game as well as adding some features that will be brought forth soon enough. I really just couldn’t believe it when I first saw this, and having to wait till I hit my WiFi to download it (it’s over 300MB) just added to my anticipation.This » Read More

Backup Your Stuff Because It’s World Backup Day

It’s world backup day and we should celebrate by backing up our stuff. Here are some great tips to backing up your stuff.Backup Your ComputerThe easiest way to backup your computer is to buy (or use an old) hard drive. You can pickup large desktop and portable hard drives for quite cheap nowadays so it’s worth getting one. Usually you don’t need to backup everything on your comp » Read More

Capture Pictures Using Vol Button, Disable Shutter Sound, Enable Panorama Mode Using Camera ICS App on Samsung Galaxy S2 & Other Android Devices

Camera ICS is an interesting and very useful application available on Google Play that you can get for free. A paid version named Camera ICS+ is also available that is Ad free but I guess free version should serve the purpose for most people. Apparently this app is basically a direct rip of the AOSP version of the camera app from the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. So it supports all the int » Read More