Old skool saloon shooter Mad Dog McCree blasts onto the Nintendo eShop

Nintendo is bringing a flavour of the Old West to the UK eShop today in the form of craptastic saloon shooter Mad Dog McCree.Released on Laserdisc (it's like a massive CD, kids) back in 1990, this laughable, yet lovable live-action shooter casts you as an unnamed gunslinger charged with rescuing the sheriff's daughter from the t... » Read More

Plants War Review: in Every War There Will Always be a Hero

Plants War Review: in Every War There Will Always be a Hero is a post from: My iPad GamesPlants War (Free via iTunes) game is closely related to War Craft and DOTA, so if you love playing those games you will also appreciate this fun game from Gamevil.com.  In a way it is similar to the games mentioned a while ago but this is the single-player version. You can test your strategy in leading your t » Read More

'True Skate' Review - A Skating Simulation Tailor-made for the Touchscreen

When a developer like True Axis, creators of the iOS classic Jet Car Stunts [$1.99 / Free], announces a new project, you take note. That's why when the studio announced back in February that they were working on a skateboarding simulation called True Skate, it shot right up into our most-anticipated games list. Well, it did in mine, anyway. I've been skateboarding for the majority of my life, and » Read More

Angry Birds Heikki New Delhi Walkthrough

To achieve a decent score in the Angry Birds Heikki New Delhi (level 9) requires the use of a power-up, which we’re using as our third bird. Launch the yellow bird on a medium high trajectory, and aim for the … Continue reading → » Read More

Valentines Sale Alert! Scribblenauts, Super Monkey Ball, Order and Chaos and More!

Valentines Sale Alert! Scribblenauts, Super Monkey Ball, Order and Chaos and More! is a post from: My iPad GamesValentines is almost here and the app store is celebrating with those who are in love and is giving a fun fun weekend for those who are single this hearts day. Many gamine apps have dropped prices, mostly two bucks or so, so if you want to score some awesome discount, check these games » Read More

'Final Freeway 2R' Review - The 'OutRun' Homage that We've Been Waiting For

Way back in the summer of 2010 (wow, where does the time go?), I was very pleasantly surprised with Oyatsukai’s Final Freeway [Free], an homage to Sega’s classic OutRun arcade racer. You could tell straightaway that there was plenty of love put into Final Freeway by somebody who absolutely adored the source material, and unsurprisingly this love translated into fun gameplay for those craving an o » Read More

Guide to Understanding & Using the Space Eagle in Angry Birds Space

This A to Z guide will teach you all you need to know about the Space Eagle. We include everything from how it differs from the Mighty Eagle to a bunch of tips and tricks to help maximize his destructive power. Continue reading → » Read More

Pocket Legends Celebrates Its Second Birthday With Free Premium Levels and Party Hats

Spacetime Studios may be readying Dark Legends to hit Android soon, but that doesn’t mean that they’ve forgotten about the first release on the Spacetime Engine that powers their range of cross-platform MMOs. Yes, Pocket Legends (which according to Spacetime Studios has been played in every country on the planet except Cuba and North Korea) is actually getting an update, and for those » Read More