Bargain Refurbished iPad Mini Models Now Available

Apple has today updated their online store, adding the iPad mini and the fourth generation full size iPad to the inventory. This is the first instance that these devices have been made available on the refurbished section of the Apple store, and offers buyers the potential to make some significant savings on the two devices.The iPad mini is being offered in both the WiFi only (32GB only) and the » Read More

Plex: Streaming is Plex-y

Ever wish you had access to all of your movies and TV shows all the time? It would be amazing, right? Yes, there are a few streaming apps out there, but Plex comes with all the bells and whistles. Honestly, I don’t know how I survived this long without it.This way to learn how to make your life more amazing.Like the article? You should subscribe and follow us on twitter.BasicsIn essence, Plex is » Read More

In China, An iPad And Foxconn Contract Is Considered Art

There are a lot of things that qualify as art that perplexes my mind these days. Kazimir Malevich, Barnett Newman, and other artists come to mind. I can usually appreciate the paintings, but when it comes to showing off an iPad in a Chinese Museum, I’m just left confused.The Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing has begun displaying an iPad, as well as a white uniform, badges, and c » Read More

Opera Announces ‘Ice’ Browser for iOS

Opera Software is working on a new browser for iOS. Called “Ice,” the browser is designed to be used on phones and tablets. Instead of using its standard engine, Presto, Ice will be powered by WebKit, which is is what both Safari and Chrome use.Ice was first introduced back in December, but the video below demonstrating how it works surfaced just yesterday, from Pocket-lint. The video is from an » Read More

Twitterrific update brings cool new features

Twitterrific update 5.0.2 has hit the App Store today, bringing a variety of new features, including a new simpler in-app web browser and reading mode supporting both Instapaper and Readability.Unfortunately push notifications are still not included in this latest update. Here’s the story from Iconofactory regarding the situation.We know that users are patiently awaiting the addition of nat » Read More

New Cheap Third Party Lightning Connector Cables And Adapters Rapidly Appearing

Popular third party Apple component website TVC-Mall has just added a new section to their online store offering a substantial number of Lightning connectors and adapters for extremely cheap prices. The site is offering a number of Lightinng connector cables, including 2 meter long cables that come in multiple colors and, unlike the official Apple cables which are $19 for a Lightning to USB cable » Read More

Planner Pro Might Become Your New Organizer

I am surprised at how much I like BlueTags’ Planner Pro. The first time I opened it, I expected to despise it. It looked too messy. It didn’t look clean enough. I love Calendar’s simplicity, and this did not look like it would suit what I needed at all.But the more I used it, the more I saw it becoming an affordable and easy way for people who need an all-in-one app to manage th » Read More

Average Size Of iOS Apps Increasing, Especially In Games Category

According to a new research study by ABI Research, the average size of iOS apps have increased by 16 percent between March and September 2012. The study also showed that the size of iOS game apps have increased even faster, growing 42 percent in the same time period.With this increase, the average app size is now 23 MB, and the average game app is now up to 60MB. This increase in size is assumed » Read More