Google iPhone Voice Search - It's All About the Ads

I was lucky enough to have lunch with Matt Cutts last friday, and one of the things we spoke about was the Google voice search application that was (FINALLY) released today. After playing with it for about half an hour this morning I have to admit it’s pretty darn useful. If you speak slowly and clearly it does a really good job on recognition. However like most voice recognition software it... » Read More

All-In-One Toolbox Keeps Your Android at Its Peak

You have no doubt noticed that the longer you use your Android phone or tablet, the slower it can get. As well as a noticeable drop in performance, it’s also likely that storage space gets eaten up, apps start to hang and other problems might creep in. There are steps you can take from within Android that enable you to free up space, monitor the status of different aspects of your device and gene » Read More

7 Awesome Photoshop Secrets

Photoshop has become one of the go-to programs when it comes to designing stuff and photo editing. Over the years as it has developed, more and more features are being added along the way. Unfortunately with their being so many features it’s impossible to cover every single one. Only the major ones seem to be pointed out, but the little things that help with work flow seem to be forgotten a » Read More

Download & Install Official Final Build of Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich For Samsung Galaxy SII (S2) I9100XXLPQ

Samsung finally started to rollout the official final build of Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich for their flagship Samsung Galaxy SII device. For now its available through the OTA updates in some European countries and other countries should follow soon. Note this ICS update for now is only meant to be for the international version of the SGSII but not the local US variants of the device for whic » Read More

Google Chrome Releases New Beta Channel for Android

Google’s announced and released a new Chrome Beta channel for its phone and tablets. Google’s recently did this with their desktop browser (on Mac Windows, Linux and Chrome OS) and now the  builds and now it’s going mobile. Google promises updates, likely just as regular as the big screen version, and it’ll be compatible with [...] » Read More

What Do You Think of “This Week In Android”?

What Do You Think of “This Week In Android”?For the past few weeks, we have been running a new column on the site entitled “This Week In Android” where we recount the most interesting news tidbits from the week in terms of software updates, new device announcements, and app updates. It was designed as a light recap of general news, to keep you up-to-date on the latest Andr » Read More

New Strategies in the Android Ecosystem: The Amazon Effect

Amazon has recently upgraded its status in the Android ecosystem, transforming from a lowly OEM to a powerful force and one of the most popular manufacturers. They capitalised on a smart business decision that pushed other Android OEMs towards that model. But how did Amazon achieve such greatness while others fell short? Like the article? You should subscribe and follow us on twitter.Amazon’ » Read More

How to Sync Photos to Google Drive Via FolderSync

With camera lens and sensor specs getting more and more impressive, Android devices have easily become our go-to choice for point-and-shoot cameras. Photos on our phones keep getting better and better but the issue is with transferring and backing up those precious memories seamlessly.The best place to automatically store photos is in the cloud so we can access them anytime and anywhere. Many app » Read More