Angry Birds Star Wars Facebook Tournament Level 5 Week 6 – January 25th 2013

Walkthrough video and strategy for Angry Birds Star Wars Facebook Tournament Level #5 (Day 5, released on January 25th) Week 6 which began on January 21st, 2013. Our non-power up strategy is to send Obi-Wan low at the base of … Continue reading → » Read More

The Hills Are Greener: Why Smaller Tablets Aren’t Just Physically Smaller

A reminder that the Android market is not the same as the iOS market has been served by Super Hexagon. The Nexus 7 version of the game suffers from a latency issue on touch release that appears to be a hardware-level issue thanks to a cheap touchscreen on the Nexus 7, according to developer Terry Cavanagh; initially the game was going to skip the Nexus 7 but as players manually installed the game » Read More

First episode of new RPG Vacant Sky: Awakening funded on Kickstarter

It seems like a new roleplaying game launches on Kickstarter every few weeks or so, but the recently funded Vacant Sky: Awakening is one to be excited about.Created by a team of avid gamers and RPG enthusiasts, the episodic Vacant Sky: Awakening follows the story of a saucy young nobleman who quickly becomes the most hated man in history.Vacant Sky's narrative spans a period of seven years... » Read More

KickStarter Spotlight: iMpulse Game Controller

Now, I am not a big mobile gamer. I enjoy the simple, cerebral puzzlers just as much as the next man but when it comes to some of the huge action titles that are now available for Android or iOS I would much rather play their brethren on my 43″ TV as opposed to my smartphone that is 1/10 the size. The other problem I have with hardcore mobile gaming is the lack of physical buttons. Tryin » Read More

Facebook continues its mobile charge with app install ads (Facebook)

If you use Facebook on your phone or tablet - and science says that there’s about a 95% chance that you do - you may have noticed something different lately. And no, we’re talking about the fact that the app is finally working. Rather, the social networking giant recently stepped up its mobile ad program from featured news stories to include a select pool of game dev » Read More

Old skool saloon shooter Mad Dog McCree blasts onto the Nintendo eShop

Nintendo is bringing a flavour of the Old West to the UK eShop today in the form of craptastic saloon shooter Mad Dog McCree.Released on Laserdisc (it's like a massive CD, kids) back in 1990, this laughable, yet lovable live-action shooter casts you as an unnamed gunslinger charged with rescuing the sheriff's daughter from the t... » Read More

Plants War Review: in Every War There Will Always be a Hero

Plants War Review: in Every War There Will Always be a Hero is a post from: My iPad GamesPlants War (Free via iTunes) game is closely related to War Craft and DOTA, so if you love playing those games you will also appreciate this fun game from  In a way it is similar to the games mentioned a while ago but this is the single-player version. You can test your strategy in leading your t » Read More

'True Skate' Review - A Skating Simulation Tailor-made for the Touchscreen

When a developer like True Axis, creators of the iOS classic Jet Car Stunts [$1.99 / Free], announces a new project, you take note. That's why when the studio announced back in February that they were working on a skateboarding simulation called True Skate, it shot right up into our most-anticipated games list. Well, it did in mine, anyway. I've been skateboarding for the majority of my life, and » Read More