nPlayer Review – The Only Media Player You Need On iOS

One of the major headaches people have when trying to watch movies on their iPhone and iPad is finding a player that supports the files downloaded. Before nPlayer, you had to convert your file in order for certain players to recognize the movie. With nPlayer, you no longer have to convert! It supports many of the video files and codex out there.Playing music, videos, movies, and even slideshows f » Read More

Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 920 Review

Microsoft is re-launching its Windows Phone platform, completely rebuilding the operating system from the ground up so that it functions better than it ever has before. Windows Phone 8 could prove to be the weapon the software giant needs to really make its mark in the smartphone world and begin to take a significant share of the market away [...] » Read More

Alleged iPhone 5S Prototype Leaked [Photos]

GSMArena has posted a bunch of leaked photos of alleged iPhone 5S prototype, sources from a tipster. The alleged iPhone 5S prototype reveals a radical redesign, curved edge-to-edge display and absence of iconic home button.We strongly urge you to take these photos with piches of salt because this kind of design is is not typical of Apple. The device pictured may well just be photoshopped or even » Read More

Minibar – Mixing Cocktails With Class

I would not consider myself a mixologist but I do enjoy the occasional adult beverage. Whether it is in an aluminum can or it is finely crafted with aged liquors and muddled with exotic fruits, I will drink it. I originally went through a cocktail making phase when I was really into Mad Men but who hasn’t done that? And up until recently I referred to my bar book when I needed a decent receipe fo » Read More

P0sixninja Promised To Release Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 6.1.3

P0sixninja Promised To Release Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 6.1.3 . Well well, we have a great news for all our readers, as Evasi0n couldn’t find any other vulnerabilities in iOS 6.1.3, but someone from Chronic Dev Team has done this task.The famous iOS hacker, Joshua Hill aka p0sixninja has found vulnerabilities to Jailbreak the iOS 6.1.3 and the even good news is that Hacker has found the explo » Read More

App Review: Pomo Do Increases Your Productivity

Do you want to increase your productivity?There are numerous ways on how to hack your activities for the day. If you’re a writer like me, one of our greatest challenges is how to manage our time effectively. Whether you’re working at home, at the office, or outside, this app I recently discovered will help you get things done as quickly as possible.What the heck?Onev’s Den Pomod » Read More

Rumor Roundup: Psychic Friends Network

Back in the 90s, you couldn't watch TV after 10 o'clock at night without seeing at least one commercial for the Psychic Friends Network and/or Miss Cleo. I always used to wonder what happened to those guys after the bankruptcies and fraud investigati... » Read More

Microsoft Surface Tablet Review [Video]

Microsoft Surface is one of the most talked about Windows 8 tablet in the market today. It has been almost a month when the Surface tablet was launched coinciding with the Windows 8 launch. It is ironical that it has had to compete with many other tablets such as Google Nexus and Mini iPad launched [...] » Read More