Starbucks’ iTunes Pick of the Week to Go Mobile via iOS App–US Only?

CNET reports Starbucks will soon digitize its free Pick of the Week cards, to allow downloads via the iOS app and in-store Wi-Fi. Starbucks has worked with Apple to expand its Pick of the Week program and finally allow for application and book downloads through its iOS application and in-store Wi-Fi network, the coffee company...Starbucks’ iTunes Pick of the Week to Go Mobile via iOS App » Read More

Secure Your Mac With Gatekeeper | Mac Basics

Because it’s designed to accommodate multiple users, easy networking and always-on connections, OS X is very secure, more so then a Windows PC. As we’ll see, other users (and outsiders) have only the level of access that you grant them. However, this can be both a strength and vulnerability, in that you could be fooled into giving a rogue users or application access privileges. This i » Read More

Custom UIStoryboardSegue Providing A Modal Style Transition

    Featured iPhone Development Resources,iOS UI Controls,iPad,iPhone,Objective-CIn the past I mentioned a guide explaining how to make transitions and make them usable as Xcode storyboard segues.Here’s a custom iOS UI control providing a custom UIStoryboardSegue called DCModalSegue from David Change that you can use to make modal views inspired by the Gmail app.DCModalS » Read More

Fix iPhone Keyboard Shortcuts that Are Not Working After Jailbreaking iOS 6. x

If you have been having issues with your keyboard shortcuts not working properly after jailbreaking iOS 6. x then we have a couple of solutions that might just help you solve the problem.It seems that a growing number of jailbroken users are having issues with previously setup keyboard shortcuts not functioning as they should, if at all. Being able to set up shortcuts on your iOS device is reall » Read More

Lucky Patcher 2.9.4 Apk – Android [Download]

Lucky Patcher v2.9.4 For Android Latest Lucky Patcher v2.9.4 .apk is now available for Android Devices. Lucky Patcher 2.9.4 For Android is compatible with Rooted Android OS 2.1 or Up. You can Download Lucky Patcher 2.9.4 Apk from You can use this patcher to break some apps’ Android Market License Verification or other Verifications. All credits to ChelpuS Lucky Patcher » Read More

Bump Celebrates 4 Years: 125 Million Downloads, 1 Billion Photos Sent

Bump has announced today marks the four year anniversary since its release in the App Store. Since then, the company has announced it has had 125 millions iOS downloads (they hit 100 million in December of 2012), 1 billion photos sent and now sits at 25 employees. Below is a graphic showing the evolution of...Bump Celebrates 4 Years: 125 Million Downloads, 1 Billion Photos Sent is a post from: iP » Read More

Free Video Calling With FaceTime On The iPad | iPad Basics

Getting started with FaceTime couldn’t be easier. When you launch the app, all you need to do is sign in with your Apple ID. You can then start making video calls to anyone who appears in the app’s Contacts list. Select a contact, tap on their name and tap again on the FaceTime icon. The other person’s device will ring, informing them that you’re calling. When they answer, » Read More

Open Source Library Allowing You To Easily Record What’s Happening In A UIView

    Featured iPhone Development Resources,iOS Development Libraries,Objective-C,Open Source iOS Libraries And ToolsLate last year I mentioned a pretty cool library that allows you record the user, the screen, and a user’s touches simultaneously to help with user interface testing.Here’s another great library for recording from Wess Cope called Glimpse.Glimpse is a » Read More