Micromedex Drug Reference Essentials – New App

MedicalStatus: Rating: N/APosted: 1 year agoMicromedex® Drug Reference Essentials is now available for only $2.99 per year. Now you can access the same evidence-based Micromedex® content you rely on, anytime, anywhere, via your iPhone and iPad. Please note: if you or the organization you work for has an Internet-based subscription to Micromedex*, then this app is included with your̷ » Read More

iPhone 6S Plus Costs Just $236 To Make

That’s according to IHS iSuppli – who claims to be the world’s leading source for research, analysis, and strategic guidance in technology.The figure arrives based on a recent teardown of Apple’s phablet, which, after weighing in the cost of each component, result in a base price of $231.50 for the 16GB version. Manufacturing costs and other minor items then “raise the ove » Read More


 Twitter is all about short messages of 140 characters or less. Sure you can now easily tweet a picture along with your text, but then you’ll have less than 140 characters because the link to your pic is going to take up some of the text. GraphicTweets aims to combine your tweet with the picture you want to send. This isn’t the first app we’ve seen that allows you to add text to » Read More

Even Siri is Surprised it Cannot Turn On/Off Settings Toggles

Wouldn’t it be cool if we could tell Siri to turn on or off Settings toggles?Unfortunately, even after almost two years, Apple’s personal assistant feature, which was touted as one of the killer features of iPhone 4S can’t be used to enable or disable Settings toggles. Continue reading → » Read More

Contact Yahoo to Recover Your Mail Password

Yahoo Support Agent facilitates Yahoo users to recover Yahoo Mail password, even if they do not have remember any related information about their email account. So, incase you are the one who forgot Yahoo Mail password and about everthing related to your account like security question etc. then you must continue with the guide writen [...] » Read More

Quiz Pic: Quiz 'Em All With Your Own Photo Puzzles

April 9, 2013 Willemstad, Curacao - 1XGames studio introduces QuizPic 1.0 for iOS, a new engaging app giving everyone a chance to create custom mini-games by themselves. After transforming any photo into a tricky puzzle or a quiz, users can challenge their friends with these freshly made brainteasers. Fueled by people's inexhaustible imagination » Read More

Baby’s 1st App – New App

EducationStatus: Rating: N/APosted: 2 minutes agoOur little ten-month-old daughter is constantly fascinated by the way we manipulate the screens of our iOS devices. Of course, she wants to try, but they don’t respond well to the imprecise swipes of a baby’s hand. Introducing Baby’s 1st App; it recognises the many touches of full handprints and encourages fine motor skills with d » Read More

Tidbit: Pebble Posts Software Fix For Shutdown Issue. Is Your Pebble Dead?

Some of those lucky enough to have already received their Pebble smartwatch may have experienced some serious issues when trying to update the wrist-worn device to firmware version 1.9 at the end of last week.Pebble describes the issue as follows:“[...] on rare occasions, Pebble’s MCU was not correctly reconfigured prior to entering shutdown. When this occurred it prevented button presses f » Read More