How to Root AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note By Flashing Pre-Rooted Kernel via Odin [Guide]

Samsung Galaxy Note is one of the rather interesting devices released by Samsung as it’s a cross between a traditional tablet and a smartphone with a gigantic screen size of 5.3-inch (by smartphone standards). It makes the device much more useful for some people in terms of increased productivity possibilities but at the same time it renders the device un-pocket able. Other impressive features in » Read More

Download HTC Sense 5 Wallpapers Here

Inside HTC’s new Android powered Sense 5, they were packed with a ton of new wallpapers and someone finally stripped them from the device. Classy black and whites, some bold and bright colorful tones, and even some Jelly Bean style patterns, these are hands down some of the favorite Sense papers we have seen in a while.  Download [...] » Read More

Songza: Your Personal Music Concierge

With the rise of the Internet, most people have turned to online music solutions, causing many radio stations to lose a significant amount of their audience. In addition to downloading songs on iTunes, on-demand streaming services, such as Spotify, Deezer and Grooveshark, have grown very popular by letting you listen to virtually any track on your mobile phone, provided you pay a monthly subscrip » Read More

Md Saim Fattah, My Twitter Client: Tweetings

The perfect Twitter app would only exist in a utopian world where all the users have similar requirements and the same standards of judgment. Utopia is a myth and so is the existence of a perfect Twitter app. This realization though, took a long time and numerous Twitter clients, in coming. There is not a single Twitter app worth its salt on the Play Store that I have not tried. From the well kno » Read More

Install AndyX ROM – Fastest & Most Stable Android 4.0.3 ICS ROM For Samsung Galaxy SII (S2) Many Tweaks Included [Guide]

Considerable amount of time has passed since Google released the AOSP sources for latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to the masses. Since then we have been waiting and speculating that when Samsung will be releasing the official stock firmware based on Android 4.0.3 ICS for our beloved Samsung Galaxy SII. Although based on the most recent estimates final stock firmware ICS release for the » Read More

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Trailer Unveiled At GDC

We all sort of expected that the mystery games “The Phantom Pain” and “Ground Zeroes” were somewhat tied to Metal Gear. We saw that Konami was involved which further increased out suspicion and then Metal Gear creator, Hideo Kojima , tweeted that he was involved which basically a flat out statement saying this is a Metal Gear game. Now at GDC 2013 we have a bad-ass trailer » Read More

Google Releases Google Keep For Android and DeskTop

Keep note of everything that’s on your mind and return to it easily wherever you are. Create a cool checklists, take a note with your voice or take a photo and annotate it on the fly. All the content that you add is instantly available on all your devices – desktop and mobile. Google Keep [...] » Read More

10 Talented Icon Designers & 40 Gorgeous Icon Sets

It’s Customization Month on Android.Appstorm! Throughout March, we plan to share with you all our tips, tricks, apps and resources to help you improve your phone or tablet experience and make them suit your style.No matter how much you try to customize your Android device with wallpapers, themes, widgets, fonts, and more, there always remains one element very few people change but that can make o » Read More