War Balloon Games's Star Command is only '30% of the original vision'

War Balloon Games has updated its Star Command Kickstarter page with the confirmation that it will submit its eagerly awaited pixel-art battler to Apple in "about 48 hours".The Colorado-based developer has used the same Kickstarter update to emphasise how hard it's been working, and to apologise for the promised features that won't be in the game when it warps onto the App Store.In fact, a... » Read More

Super Lemonade Factory Review: Simple yet Refreshing

Super Lemonade Factory Review: Simple yet Refreshing is a post from: My iPad GamesSuper Lemonade Factory: Simple yet Refreshing!Tired of your sword slaying, strategic level up and mind puzzling games?  Try this simple yet refreshing game from the App Store (launched March 15, 2012). I love retro games and Super Lemonade Factory ($1.99 via iTunes, universal) caught my heart. It gives me a refreshi » Read More

'Le Vamp' Review - This Endless Runner Bites, but That's a Good Thing

Does anyone remember The Conduit? That ambitious Wii shooter that combined mystery and lore with with action fundamentals, and made a run at carving out a core niche on the system? Its developer High Voltage Software seemed primed to make a name for themselves on the back of that game and its sequel. After the tepid reception of Conduit 2 a couple of years ago, however, the talented studio all bu » Read More

Angry Birds Facebook Pig Tales Level 15 Walkthrough

One strategy for Angry Birds Facebook Pig Tales level 15 is fling Red bird directly into the first tower. It should collapse to the right and clear most of the pigs with the help of the Fairy bubbles. Finally, drop an egg bomb on any remaining pigs.Our Angry Birds Facebook walkthroughs show you how to obtain 3 stars, most of the time without the aid of Power-Ups (we do make exceptions). If you h » Read More

GDC 2013: MOGA Introduces Their Pro Controller

MOGA released its Android-compatible game controller late last year, featuring a small portable size and phone clip that could accommodate devices up to the Galaxy Note 2 in landscape height. Now, they’re releasing a new controller model that they hope will appeal to hardcore gamers on Android. The MOGA Pro is a Bluetooth gamepad with a button layout similar to an Xbox 360 controller – » Read More

Play as the iconic Iron Man...

... » Read More

Freebie Alert: Ant Raid, Feed the Dragon and More!

Freebie Alert: Ant Raid, Feed the Dragon and More! is a post from: My iPad GamesThrough one of my favourite sites, I found a few good games that went free today, here are some of them: 1. Icebreaker HockeyIcebreaker Hockey is an arcade style where you control a single characters with no team mates. The goal is to score a… er… goal while  dodging other hockey players that are tryi » Read More

'Final Fantasy: All the Bravest' Review - A Cowardly Cash-grab

When we first heard that Square Enix would be releasing a new retro-based Final Fantasy, I was excited to see if we'd end up with another adventure similar to Final Fantasy: Dimensions [Free]. Unfortunately, Final Fantasy: All the Bravest [$3.99] is as far away from such a title as you  can possibly imagine. Focusing entirely on simplified battles, Final Fantasy: ATB is less of a game and more of » Read More