What’s Inside a Smart TV That Makes it So Smart?

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YiSpecter iOS Malware Can Infect Non-Jailbroken Devices

Malware is something we are all used to hearing about and contrary to the popular myth that iOS and OS X are bulletproof, we have heard that YiSpecter malware can infect your devices. Now we all know that as a mobile platform, iOS is a lot more secure than the competition, and over the years attacks have only happened on devices that were jailbroken. These are the devices that have been liberat » Read More

Open Source Pull-To-Refresh Component With A Bending Animation Based On The Users Touch

A couple of months ago I mentioned a pull-to-refresh component with a unique bending and bouncing animation called PullToBounce.Here’s another excellent pull to refresh component with an elastic animation effect that provides an elastic effect differeing from other components called DGElasticPullToRefresh submitted by Danil Gontovnik.With DGElasticPullToRefresh you can customize the colors, » Read More

How to beam YouTube to the big screen using El Capitan

Ever wish you could watch all those great Key & Peele or Inside Amy Schumer clips from YouTube on the big television in the living room?

Sometimes the small screen on your MacBook just isn’t large enough to contain all that hilarity. It’s times like these that you’ll want to send video to that massive HDTV, and El Capitan makes it even easier with a new AirPlay feature.

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Hot Deal: Spigen Slim Armor iPhone 6/6s Case for $4.99 on Amazon.ca

If you're looking for an iPhone 6s case, here's one from Spigen for $5.Hot Deal: Spigen Slim Armor iPhone 6/6s Case for $4.99 on Amazon.ca is a post from: iPhone in Canada Blog - Canada's #1 iPhone Resource » Read More

The best iPhone 6 deals in September 2015

The UK's best iPhone 6 deal:

Free 16GB phone | 1000 mins | Unlimited texts | 2GB data | £34.99pm
This is a great value deal on the 16GB iPhone 6. You can get it in gold, space grey or silver and it offers unlimited texts, 1000 mins - that's nearly 17 hours call time - and 2GB data per month. The £35 per month is more than fair, making total cost over 24 months £839.76

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Apple Has Added A Little Waterproofing To iPhone 6s And iPhone 6s Plus

#p During the week we watched a video by a YouTuber who placed his iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus in a bowl of water for an hour and they continued to work. Now it is safe to say that we were very surprised because Apple hasn’t said anything about a waterproof iPhone. It turns out that the YouTuber did a follow up video which shows that at least one of the iPhone’s screens is starting to fail bec » Read More

Open Source Library For Statistics Calculations In Swift

Last year I mentioned a couple of interesting Swift math libraries such as the Python numPy inspired Swix library and the Euler library implementing 40 custom math operators.Here’s an open source Swift library that provides a number of functions for calculating statistics from Evgenii Neumerzhitckii called SigmaSwiftStatistics.SigmaSwiftStatistics includes functions for calculating the:R » Read More