One Line Portraits by Quibe

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How to Move Internal Data to SD Card to Free Up Space on Samsung Galaxy S4 and Other Android Devices

Many Android devices have a several storage options for example in addition to the small internal built-in storage users can also insert SD cards with extra capacity. This is in contrast to Apple mobile devices like iPhone and iPad where users are stuck with the internal storage to save different games, apps and video data. There is no option for expandability in Apple devices (at least so far). » Read More

12 Awesome Android CRM Apps

Nowadays there’s no need to leave your business behind when you leave your desk. Most CRM systems now have a mobile or online version that you can access anywhere, and more and more vendors are tailoring their solutions for Android devices as their popularity grows. At AppStorm, we’ve taken a look at some of the best Android CRM apps. Here’s a roundup of CRM apps for Android use » Read More

Infusionsoft Mobile Puts All Your Business Contacts Into Your Pocket

Infusionsoft packs a punch when it comes to aiding businesses make the most from their leads and retain customers. The cloud app combines CRM, email marketing, lead capture and eCommerce through a simple-to-use suite. Its handheld version, Infusionsoft Mobile is designed to help you get out of the office and take it with you wherever you are and claims to be all about working smarter via automate » Read More

Remove Yellow Triangle and Reset Flash Counter on Your Samsung Galaxy S4 Using Triangle Away 3.01

Many Samsung Galaxy Android devices store an internal counter to track the unofficial firmware, kernel flashes etc. on your device. For example if you install a custom firmware then a visual large triangle is shown on the startup of the device booting and nagging you. Triangle Away is an application that is built specifically to disable the yellow warning triangle by resetting the flash counter o » Read More

Insightly: CRM, Project Management, And More

Insightly is a CRM and project management application for small businesses that offers something for sales and marketing teams, and business owners. Insightly takes the pain out of tracking work time and following all customer or project-related activity in one place. Insightly for Android allows you to call, email, text message and map your contacts on the go, enabling you to update and assign t » Read More

Keep Tabs on New Movie Releases With eTrizzle

As you know, I’m a pretty big fan of movies! Earlier this year I reviewed Movie Mate Pro, an app for tracking theatrical releases. There is another side to the coin though; what about movies out of theaters that are released for purchase or streaming? With the amount of different online options out there, it can get tough to keep track of them all. That’s where eTrizzle comes in.Like » Read More

Google Play Store Redesign Is Now Official

Google has at last announced it’s new redesign of the Play Store which was leaked not too long ago.Instead of the current magazine style layout, Google has gone for a card view and follows their Holo style – I don’t know what took them so long to be honest.It’s rolling out now to devices with Android 2.2 and above. Not everyone will get it right away though, it’ll be » Read More