Angry Birds Seasons Invasion Of The Egg Snatchers Update Out Now!

Angry Birds Seasons celebrates its 5th birthday with it's biggest update yet! Invasion Of The Egg Snatchers is now available for available for iOS and Android. » Read More

Naked Monsters are Naked in ‘Monster Streaking’

While Beavl Games might not be a developer on the tip of everyone’s tongue, after Faif and Kapsula, we’ve learned to keep our eyes open for whatever comes next. And boy oh boy, did we get an eyeful this time. They’ve just announced Monster Streaking, a game about Halloween creatures running around with nothing on but a […]The post Naked Monsters are Naked in ‘Monster » Read More

Guitar Hero Live turns your iPhone into a next-gen console

Guitar Hero Live is about to hit mobile devices. And, for once, we're genuinely excited to have a mobile app released alongside a AAA console franchise.You see, Guitar Hero Live on iOS not your average companion app. In fact, it's not a companion app at all. It's the full game. With the full price tag. And it works with the plastic guitar.What? Seriously? How much?!For all these answers just hit » Read More

'Minecraft - Pocket Edition Version 0.12' Review - You've Come A Long Way, Stevie

In the world of gaming, four years is a long time. In the specific corner of the hobby that is mobile gaming, four years might as well be twenty. It's long enough to turn the greatest of apps into digital dust, to add 1200 levels to Candy Crush Saga [Free], to see a new iPhone model launch and be discontinued, and certainly long enough for a diligent developer to turn around a disappointing launc » Read More

Angry Birds Pop Levels 336 to 340 Red vs The Undead Walkthroughs

In part 64 of our Angry Birds Pop video series we show you how to complete levels 336 to 340 in the special Halloween themed Red vs The Undead episode. » Read More

Shooty Skies Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Shooty Skies is an endless flying / shooting game from Mighty Games. In this game, you pilot aircraft and shoot down threats like bats, robots, and cat videos. As you progress, you’re given the opportunity to unlock more pilots and upgrade your plane. Gamezebo’s Shooty Skies tips, cheats and strategies will help you fly like […]The post Shooty Skies Tips, Cheats and Strategies appeare » Read More

Swords & Crossbones is a colorful pirate RPG with tactical combat

Swords & Crossbones: An Epic Pirate Story is a swashbuckling RPG featuring turn-based encounters and base-building.On the trail of fiendish pirate lords and a kidnapped friend, you must travel the open seas, gather new crew members, and embark on quests.The Antipodal Archipelago consists of many islands to explore, with side quests and treasure to find on each. Dangerous enemies lurk too, from u » Read More

How to Gift an iPad App

How to Gift an iPad App is a post from: My iPad GamesThe iTunes store has a lot of entertaining, useful apps and awesome games in store for everyone, but did you know that iTunes also has an built in app gifting tool where you can pay for someone’s download and send them a link to receive their app? This is perfect for gifting on holidays, especially if that someone is passionate about apps » Read More