Rare Pictures of Google Data Centers Show the Stromtroopers Deployed to Guard Centers: Have a Look Inside Google Data Centers for First Time Ever

Google has just posted a few rare pictures showing inside look of its huge data centers for the first time ever in its history.  The pictures also depict highly complex plane of organization, energy and design which all are required for powering some of the ... » Read More

American Red Cross Releases 'Wildfires' App, Helps You Keep Your Cool When Things Get Hot

The American Red Cross has been releasing a series of apps to help people deal with disasters. We've already seen apps dedicated to hurricanes and earthquakes, as well as one for first aid. The fourth app in the series just hit he Play Store, and this one's designed to keep people safe during a wildfire.Much like the Hurricane and Earthquake apps, Wildfires can alert users of nearby fires and off » Read More

JRummy's ROM Toolbox On Sale For $2.99 (50% Off) In The Play Store – Half Of All Revenue To Be Donated To Cancer Research

JRummy, the developer behind Root Browser, Ultimate Backup, BusyBox Installer, and a handful of other awesome apps, has put ROM Toolbox on sale in the Play Store for just $2.99 (a cool 50% off its usual price) and plans to donate half of all the sale's revenue to the Testicular Cancer Society.For those not familiar, ROM Toolbox is a rooted user's dream app, combining the best parts of SetCPU, Roo » Read More

Brilliance: S HTC Jetstream

Brilliance: S is the latest version of Stumblr: Tumblr Image Viewer enhanced specifically for the HTC Jetstream and HTC Scribe. HTC Jetstream owners can browse millions of images through the user-friendly interface and use the HTC Scribe to instantly create or modify images.Tapping the scribe on thumbnails, avatars, or images previews will launch the image editor. Edited images can be shared thro » Read More

Love Sharp IS03

One of the best feelings in the world is when you’re hugging the person you love, and be hug you back even tighter. Hope you will find your lover and have this best feeling. Hope you will like this Android theme as well. It suits for PandaHome, AHome, OpenHome(apk format). » Read More

AT&T Launching Nokia Lumia 900 on April 8th for $99.99!

Nokia Lumia 900 is the next big thing folks want to have with courtesy of Nokia. AT&T just discloses that Nokia Lumia will be available for purchase on April 8th for $99.99 with a two year contract. Noticeably, Lumia 900 is the first smartphone with LTE ... » Read More

[Update: Free Version Now Available] New App: Quickly Get Info About The Status Of A Phone's ESN With PocketESN

When buying used phones off of eBay, Craigslist, or the like, a primary concern of anyone purchasing CDMA devices (Verizon, Sprint, Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, etc.) is the status of the phone's ESN (electronic serial number). If a device's ESN is registered as "banned" on its carrier because it has been listed as stolen or is attached to an unpaid account, then that phone cannot be activated on » Read More

Cute Dog Samsung Instinct Q

This Android theme is designed with the picture of cute dogs. These dogs are cute. Hope you will like this Android theme. It suits for PandaHome, AHome, OpenHome(apk format). » Read More