How To Add Contact and Dial from Home Screen on iPhone

In the built-in Phone app, you can assign your favorite contacts as “Favorites” for speed dial purpose. However, not all iPhone users consider it as a true speed dial feature (at least I do not). What you may expect is you can simply tap an icon on the home screen and dial directly.If you own a jailbroken iPhone, CallMe is the hack that allows you to create this kind of speed dial. Th » Read More

iOS Updates Over the Air

One of the less advertised but best features of iOS 5 is the ability to update the phones operating system without plugging it into a computer and lunching iTunes. Apple advertises the iPhone and iPad as “PC or Mac Free” devices that can fully function and operate without a more powerful computer. This capability relies on the ability to update your phones software over the Air.It h » Read More

Rumor: Apple releasing iOS 5.02 to address battery issues

The rumor going around now is that Apple will release iOS 5.02 to address battery issues iPhone 4S users have been experiencing. This rumor was started by German Mac site Macerkopf.DE earlier today.This report claims that Apple wants to be able to give 4S users 40 hours of standby and 10 hours of use. It is said this release should be out no later than next week.Also, according to thi » Read More

Apple iPad Is a Magnificent Xmas Gift

Even though you are searching for different devices and gadgets you can browse via iPads on the other hand, you can browse as a result of this hyperlink Apple iPads whilst you are looking for computing gadgets. And this is explanation why they make tremendous gift ideas. » Read More

The HP Elitebook 2560p

The HP Elitebook 2560p is the only 12-inch ultraportable left that comes with a built-in optical drive and loads a powerful Core i5 processor.... » Read More

Do It Mobile

There has never been a mobile phone that has captured the imagination of the public like the new Apple iPhone. This new device, with its unique user interface and beautiful design is certain to become the hottest mobile ever when it is released to the public.

The iPhone takes the idea of music in a mobile to a whole new level, boasting a much larger memory than rivals. » Read More