Mobilize Your Sales Team With Sage CRM For Android

Sage CRM for Android is all about giving sales teams total mobility. The Sage CRM Android app gives sales teams real-time access to Sage CRM sales and client contact data so that they can always be up to date with their latest sales activities. Sage CRM for Android allows sales teams to track the most important customer communications such whether by SMS, email or phone and retrieve detailed repo » Read More

Lean Lets You Clean Up Live Photos by Removing Video From Them

In my story about the iPhone 6s Plus earlier today, I mentioned how apps to clean up Live Photos and re-save them as static images were about to hit the App Store. The first one, Lean by Tiny Whale (the creators of Lively), has been released today for free, and it's a good example of the tools developers are making to enhance the Live Photos experience. Lean lets you save a live photo as a stat » Read More

‘LEGO Friends’ Arrives Just in Time for Kids to Enjoy Before School Starts Back Up

A new game experience from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, TT Games, and the LEGO Group brings the popular toy series called LEGO Friends to iOS and it passes the most important test I could throw at it; my 7 year old daughter won’t stop playing it today.There is a world to explore and mini games to enjoy, but more than anything it brings to life characters and toys that are already well » Read More

Microsoft Surface Book, Surface Pro 4 Launches in Canada

Microsoft's latest devices have just gone on sale in Canada.Microsoft Surface Book, Surface Pro 4 Launches in Canada is a post from: iPhone in Canada Blog - Canada's #1 iPhone Resource » Read More

How many times do we cry

Shh, shhh you hear that? That is the sound of heartfelt sighing, tinged with longing, that one makes when they behold something achingly beautiful. Lumino City is a puzzle adventure game made by the folks at State of Play games. It's been out on PC since December last year, but on October 29th it's finally making the leap to iOS with an Android launch slated for the next few months.We've been ha » Read More

Recollect For iPhone

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Automilez 2.0 is here!

One of the things that I’m asked at tax time each year is how many miles did I drive for business? A few years ago it was a struggle for me to come up with that answer and I knew that I cheating myself because I just couldn’t remember all the trips. That all changed when I started using mileage tracking apps on my iPhone. I love Automilez because it was one of the first ones to take a » Read More

Third-Party Keyboards on iOS 9

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