12 Awesome Android CRM Apps

Nowadays there’s no need to leave your business behind when you leave your desk. Most CRM systems now have a mobile or online version that you can access anywhere, and more and more vendors are tailoring their solutions for Android devices as their popularity grows. At AppStorm, we’ve taken a look at some of the best Android CRM apps. Here’s a roundup of CRM apps for Android use » Read More

MADFINGER’s Latest App will Let you Build Detailed Models on your iPad

The iPad and iPhone have changed a lot of things. Games and activities that used to be common in the real world have been ported to the digital realm and MADFINGER Games is taking it to another level with virtual model making. MONZO is a yet to be released app which virtualizes the model kit construction process.The concept is that you can put together models of various items, just as you would i » Read More

Hamilton Councillors Want to Temporarily Suspend Uber Service

Councillors in the city of Hamilton have asked Uber to suspend service within the city until regulations are decided upon. Hamilton Councillors Want to Temporarily Suspend Uber Service is a post from: iPhone in Canada Blog - Canada's #1 iPhone Resource » Read More

Guitar Hero Live turns your iPhone into a next-gen console

Guitar Hero Live is about to hit mobile devices. And, for once, we're genuinely excited to have a mobile app released alongside a AAA console franchise.You see, Guitar Hero Live on iOS not your average companion app. In fact, it's not a companion app at all. It's the full game. With the full price tag. And it works with the plastic guitar.What? Seriously? How much?!For all these answers just hit » Read More

How to make phone calls while listening to music on iPhone

When making or receiving a phone call on your iPhone or iPad, anything that is playing in the background such as music or video will automatically be paused by the operating system. This is extremely helpful and makes a lot of sense since the users don’t get distracted by their music or have to hear another sound besides the person they’re talking to.Sometimes, it could be better the » Read More

UpTo Calendar – Syncs with Google Calendar, iCloud, Outlook and more

The Up To iPhone and iPod Touch app integrates your iOS calendar, Facebook calendar, and helps you identify upcoming events that may interest you with a simple, uncluttered interface. iOS calendar apps frequently sync and display everything, but the Up To iPhone app allows you to decide what events are important. It is a free [...]Review of UpTo Calendar – Syncs with Google Calendar, iCloud » Read More

How to Run Windows from a USB Drive [Windows 10, 8, 8.1 or 7]

For all those Windows lover who wants to take their operating system wherever they want, portable Windows is a blessing. Now you can take copy of your Windows with you in a portable flash drive. Windows 10 and 8 offers this facility which is technically known as “windows to go”. You can install Windows on [...]The post How to Run Windows from a USB Drive [Windows 10, 8, 8.1 or 7] appeared first o » Read More

Quick Look: Paper 3.0 for iPad

» Read More