PhoneIt-iPad Now Fully Supports iOS 5 Running On 3G iPad

For those who really like the idea of using their iPad as a fully functioning phone there is great news to report today. Thanks to a hack by iPhoneIslam, iPad users that are running the new iOS 5 can now install PhoneIt-iPad and start making phone calls right from their iPad. This app is not free and you will have to pay $19.99 but the benefits that you get are great. Once you download Phone » Read More

Infinity Blade II 1.0 [v1.0] Crack ipa Download

Infinity Blade II 1.0 [v1.0] Crack ipa Infinity Blade has been presented to the world once again in a new way . The game continues where the last game ended . Now the God King has been defeated and here the new hero emerges which will now search to uncover the truth behind Infinity Blade. [...] » Read More

How to Sync iCloud Documents & Data Over 3G Connection?

The use of iCloud is certainly one of the most executive features that come from the house of Apple as it not only saves our data but also allows you to have a better command over your operations and activities. The most recent facility has been witnessed in form of the ability of the iPhone to sync iCloud documents & data over a 3G cellular connection. For this purpose, a person needs to ens » Read More

iTunes Match Icons Explained

There might be issue with the existing iTunes when it comes to the icons that sometimes appear in it while accessing the same. Problems in such mainly arise in respect icons. Therefore, here are some of the interpretations in respect of the icons:So, your icons in order are:Available for downloadWaitingErrorDuplicateIneligibleSlashed Cloud: The most common icon that generally appears is the icon » Read More

Simple Ways To Make OS X More Like iOS [Video How-To]

Mac OS X Lion includes many features that are very similar to those found in iOS. In this video, I’ll show you how to expand it even further, and make Mac OS X Lion even more like iOS.Growl can be found here.Growl iOS theme can be found here.Similar Posts:Fixing Finder Annoyances In OS X Lion [Video How-To]Restore Missing OS X Features On New Macs [Video How-To]Make The Most Of Your Magic M » Read More

Unlock iPhone 4S On AT&T Without Any Apps (How To GUIDE)

A bug has been discovered by a developer which will allow you to unlock AT&T version of iPhone 4S to run it on any carrier. The bug concerns on the Airplane mode. You must have your AT&T iPhone 4S to be able to the trick. You'll be able to run any carrier as T-Mobile after doing so.Follow the below steps:Insert original carrier AT&T SIM cardDial 611 for AT&T customer service hotli » Read More

Leather iPad Case Review | Oberon Design [RePost]

If you have been looking for leather iPad case then you will want to check out this unique accessory from Oberon Design.  It is truly one of those accessories that once you see it and hold it, you will know that there was a lot of care and quality built right into it.The DetailsLocated out of Santa Rosa, California, Oberon Design has been around since the 1970′s and all of their products ar » Read More

Easily Add Real-Time Tournament Multiplayer And More Into Single Player iOS Games

In the past I’ve mentioned a tutorial how to use GameKit for multiplayer gaming, and several services to help with app cross-promotion services.What this service allows you to do is somewhat different from what we’ve seen so far.It allows you to enable tournaments within your games with real time updates – effectively changing a single player game into a real-time multiplayer ga » Read More