How to Send Group Messages and Emails with Siri

Justin Horn from has discovered a neat trick for sending group messages. Using Siri, it’s possible to create a group text message by separating individual names with the conjunction “and”. He offers the following example: Me: Send text to Girlfriend and Chiyin and Jason and Miguel and Tom and Monica Siri: What do you...How to Send Group Messages and Emails with Siri is a p » Read More

Safari 5.1.2 Is Now Released By Apple With [Along Bug Fixes]

Recently Apple releases safari 5.1.2 with more improvements and updates to fix bugs.From today you can say Good-bye for bugs and live in security while browsing at your iphone.Apple has released Safari 5.1.2 to users this afternoon, available by direct download or by hitting up Software Update. The update is relatively minor, but brings along bug fixes that address issues of stability, exten » Read More

How To Force Restart Your iPad | iPad Troubleshooting

It shouldn’t happen very often (if at all), but there are times when your iPad seems to freeze up or get stuck performing an action. If this happens you can force the iPad to restart without worrying about losing any other data than that which you were working on.STEP 1Performing a Force Restart is actually very simple to do, all you need are two fingers and a couple of seconds. When your i » Read More

Open Source: New Networking Framework Inspired By The Now Defunct ASIHttpRequest

ASIHttpRequest was an extremely popular framework that made basic communications, and interacting with REST based web services dead simple.Unfortunately updates of ASIHttpRequest have been discontinued and I’ve previously mentioned the lightweight communications library AFNetworking as an alternative.Mugunth Kumar has released a new library known as MKNetworkKit which marries the feature se » Read More

PhoneIt-iPad Now Fully Supports iOS 5 Running On 3G iPad

For those who really like the idea of using their iPad as a fully functioning phone there is great news to report today. Thanks to a hack by iPhoneIslam, iPad users that are running the new iOS 5 can now install PhoneIt-iPad and start making phone calls right from their iPad. This app is not free and you will have to pay $19.99 but the benefits that you get are great. Once you download Phone » Read More

Infinity Blade II 1.0 [v1.0] Crack ipa Download

Infinity Blade II 1.0 [v1.0] Crack ipa Infinity Blade has been presented to the world once again in a new way . The game continues where the last game ended . Now the God King has been defeated and here the new hero emerges which will now search to uncover the truth behind Infinity Blade. [...] » Read More

How to Sync iCloud Documents & Data Over 3G Connection?

The use of iCloud is certainly one of the most executive features that come from the house of Apple as it not only saves our data but also allows you to have a better command over your operations and activities. The most recent facility has been witnessed in form of the ability of the iPhone to sync iCloud documents & data over a 3G cellular connection. For this purpose, a person needs to ens » Read More

iTunes Match Icons Explained

There might be issue with the existing iTunes when it comes to the icons that sometimes appear in it while accessing the same. Problems in such mainly arise in respect icons. Therefore, here are some of the interpretations in respect of the icons:So, your icons in order are:Available for downloadWaitingErrorDuplicateIneligibleSlashed Cloud: The most common icon that generally appears is the icon » Read More